1-1/2 inch Aluminum Tube Pipe Flashing (jack), 20x20 Base - 1-1/2 inch Aluminum Tube Pipe Flashing (jack), 2 inch diameter x 10 inch Tall Tube welded to a 20 x 20 x .020 inch thick Dead-Soft Aluminum Base (fits shingle or tile roofs). Price/Each.
1-1/2 inch Aluminum Tube Pipe Flashing (jack), 20x20 Base
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1.5 inch x 10 inch Riser, Aluminum Tube Pipe Flashing, 20 inch x 20 inch inch Square bases. Fits Maximun 1-1/2 inch OD Pipes. Price/Each.

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Aluminum Pipe Flashing provides a watertight seal completely protecting roof penetrations and are recommended for all types of tile roof penetrations. The alumimum material assures the longest life. The aluminum pipe seamless riser flashing provides a watertight seal and completely protects the penetration. Aluminum pipe flashing  have superior characteristics such as malleability, corrosion resistance, expansion and contraction and are suitable for all climates. These characteristics eliminate the need for penetrating fasteners. Without the need for fasteners. The cylindrical alumimun riser is the same shape as the penetration so the riser does not need to be reinforced. Overall you have the best possible product and problem free installations.


  • Inner Diameter: 2.0 (fits up to 1-1/2 inch).
  • Height: 10 inch.
  • Base: 20 inch x 20 inch Square.
  • Pipe Shape: Round.
  • Material: 0.020 inch Thick Dead-Soft Aluminum.


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