#9 Shasta White Roofing Granules (1 Lb) - #9 Shasta White Color Roofing Granules, #4x6 sized. Price/Lb. (product is whiter than photo shows)
#9 Shasta White Roofing Granules (1 Lb)
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#9 Shasta White Color Roofing Granules, #4x6 sized. Price/Lb.

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#4x6 sized, ground & screened limestone (marble / calcium carbonate, CaCO3). The marble / limestone provides a healthier substitition to traditional silica sand together with a non-staining, non-fading permanment white color. Ground from white marble, the product has extremely high white reflectance (much whiter than photo shows).


Generally applied at about 4 sq.ft. per pound (200 sq.ft. per 50# bag (about .03 inch thickenss). 50# bag has about 1/2 cubic foot.


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