WHITE EPDM Coverstrip Seam Cover Tape, 12 in. X 100 ft. Roll - WHITE EPDM Coverstrip Seam Cover Tape with Butyl Rubber Peel and Stick Adhesive. LionGUARD Brand, Made in USA. 12-inch Wide X 100 Foot Roll. Price/Roll.
WHITE EPDM Coverstrip Seam Cover Tape, 12 in. X 100 ft. Roll
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WHITE EPDM Coverstrip Seam Cover Tape with White Butyl Rubber Peel and Stick Adhesive. LionGUARD Brand, Made in USA. 12 inch Wide X 100 Foot Roll. Price/Roll.

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LionGUARD brand Cover Tapes are cured EPDM cover rubber with specially formulated butyl rubber mastic extruded together for typical roofing applications. Close-Up View. This peel and stick product has exceptional adhesion, long-term heat and chemical resistance and gives tape the ability to remain flexible in harsh conditions. It surpasses the industry standards for tack and shear strength products provide superior holding power for long life and high durability.


LionGUARD Cover Tapes are for typical roofing applications such as cover for most metal terminations including gravel - stops and drip edge, and extensively used for horizontal patching, seam repairs and seam overlays. Cover Strip product is a peel and stick cured cover tape. It can be used with EPDM, TPO and most PVC roofing membranes. Each requires special primers to first be used. Cover Tape is cured EPDM not generally used for irregularly shaped flashing applications where stretching is needed.


SEE DATA SHEET FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS. Summary- Clean membrane. Prime membrane using EPDM cleaner and primer. Allow primer to dry before installing tapes. Apply tape to primed area by peeling release paper off of 6 - 12 inches of tape. Stick the tape onto the membrane, while continuing to pull release paper off. Make sure you start on a straight line. Continue pulling release paper off as you move down the pre - primed area. Use sharp scissors for cutting the cover tape. Use a seam roller with some force perpendicular to tape for proper adhesion.


  • Base Membrane - White EPDM, 0.03 inch
  • Adhesive: White Butyl Adhesive, 0.030 inch.
  • Packaging: Rolled with silicone release paper.


  • Available in either black or white EPDM and Adhesive.
  • Roll Sizes - Roll Sizes – 6 inch x 50 ft., 6 inch x 100 ft., 9 inch x 100 ft., 12 inch x 100 ft.



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