5/8 inch x 5000 ft. Detectable Polyester Pull Tape / Rope, 1800 Tensile - 5/8-inch x 5000
5/8 inch x 5000 ft. Detectable Polyester Pull Tape / Rope, 1800 Tensile
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5/8 inch x 5000 ft. Detectable Flat Woven Polyester Pull Tape / Pulling Rope with Detection Wire. 1800 lb. Tensile Strength, pre-lubricated with Footage Markings. 5000 ft./Spool. Price/Spool.

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Heavy-duty grade conduit pulling tape with a detectable metal strip (wire). The detectable woven polyester pulling tape, also called "mule tape", provides a reliable means of locating cable in conduit. Pull tape is factory lubricated to reduce burn through in inner duct and has easy to read footage markings for a quick and accurate measurement.


  • 5,000 feet in length
  • 5/8 inch wide Flat Woven Polyester
  • 1800 lb. tensile strength


  • Manufacturer: Erin Rope Corp.
  • MPN: WPD18005000


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