6 x 6 ft. Double Door Equipment Access Roof Hatch, Alum. - 6 ft. x 6 ft. Double Door Equipment Access Roof Hatch, 11-Gauge Aluminum with Mill Finish. Price/Each. (special order; shipping lead-time 2-4 weeks, use FreightQuote Shipping)
6 x 6 ft. Double Door Equipment Access Roof Hatch, Alum.
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PRODUCT: Babcock-Davis BRHEA72X72D1T, 6' x 6' Double Door Equipment Access Roof Hatch, 11 Gauge Aluminum with Mill Finish. Price/Each.

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* Shipping Lead-time: 2-4 weeks
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DESCRIPTION: Made in USA, this Babcock-Davis 6' x 6' double door equipment access roof hatch. Curb and Lid are 11 gauge aluminum with mill finish. Dual doors fully open 85-90 degrees for maximum clear unobstructed opening.

  • Openings: Rough Opening 72x72". Clear Opening 62 x 68" (clear of inside hardware)
  • Lid and Curb: Aluminum 11 gauge, mill finish
  • Formed aluminum cover with liner, stiffened to withstand a live load of 40 psf. Fully opens 85-90 degrees for maximum clear, unobstructed opening. Inside liner is 18 gauge aluminum.
  • Single wall curb with EZ tab counterflash and mounting flange with 5/8" and 3/16" mounting holes
  • 1" polystyrene insulation in the cover, 1" R-2 fiberboard around curb
  • Extruded EPDM adhesive-backed gasket seal continuous around cover
  • Zinc-plated steel tamper-proof hinges contained with spring assembly, includes steel compression springs
  • Zinc-plated steel automatic hold open arm locks cover in open position
  • Zinc-plated steel latch with exterior and interior turn handles and padlock hasps

    Manufacturer: Babcock-Davis
    MPN: BRHEA72X72D1T

  • Materials: Steel or 304 Stainless Steel Lid/Curb Construction, or Aluminum Lid with Steel Curb
  • Finish: Painted, various colors
  • Curb: Double Wall Curb, and Taller Curb.
  • Insulation 2" polystyrene insulation in the cover
  • Hardware: All stainless steel hardware kit
  • Sizes: 4x4', 5x5', 6x6', 8x8', 10x10', 12x12'.

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