Dow Great Stuff Pro Wall and Floor Adhesive Foam, 26.5 oz., 12 cans - Dow Great Stuff Pro, Wall & Floor Adhesive Foam, Orange color. ASTM E-84 Fire Rated.  26.5 oz. Cans. 12 Cans/Case. Price/Case. (UPS Ground Shipment Only)
Dow Great Stuff Pro Wall and Floor Adhesive Foam, 26.5 oz., 12 cans
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PRODUCT: Dow Great Stuff Pro, Wall & Floor Adhesive Foam, Orange color. ASTM E-84 Fire Rated. 26.5 oz. Cans. 12 Cans/Case. Price/Case.

UPS Ground shipment only. Not air ship-able. No express shipping..

PACKAGING: Case of twelve 26.5 oz. gun cans.

DESCRIPTION & APPLICATIONS:  A fireblock grade polyurethane foam. Orange Tinted.

  • FIRE-RATED: GREAT STUFF PRO has been evaluated by ASTM E 814* in wood frame pipe penetrations. Conforms to the ASTM C557-93, D6464, CA25-4, and is UL Class 1 (Flame spread of 15, smoke of 20).
  • Fills, seals and insulates gaps up to three inches.
  • The most economical, convenient and effective method for installing Building Code compliant Fireblocking in wood frame residential construction.
  • Fireblock is used to seal concealed penetrations from floor to floor or room to room.
  • Forms a fireblock AND a durable, airtight and water-resistant bond.
  • Not rated for use as a Firestop in commercial fire rated walls.
  • GREAT STUFF PRO is closed-cell foam. It forms a water-resistant outer skin when cured. It is not UV resistant.
  • Bonds to wood, drywall, metal, masonry, glass and most plastics.
  • Tack free in six minutes. Trims in 30 minutes.
  • Wide temperature operating range (25°F to 120°F). Most foams only work in 60°F to 90°F. Freeze/thaw stable.
  • Foam elasticity allows for movement/shifting within a structure from winter to summer.
  • Paintable, stainable and sandable.
  • Can be used to replace acoustical sealants on interior walls. Acoustical Rating: Sound Transmission Class rating of 69.
  • Mechanical spring valve of GREAT STUFF Pro foam is superior to rubber valve. Won’t glue shut after use. Use 1/4 of the can today, 1/4 in 30 days, and that can will be good for…another 30 days!
  • Choose from three foam applicator gun models. Extended length gun barrel available for easier application, such as sub-floor construction.
  • Orange colored foam allows easy identification by building code inspectors
  • GREAT STUFF Pro™ is approved as a residential fireblock sealing material (see ICC-ES legacy report NER-645).
  • Replaces E136 Caulks, Mineral Wools and Solid Materials.
  • UL Classified R-13919 (Flame Spread 25, Smoke Developed 50)
  • Also meets ASTM E-84 Class 1 specs.
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