Sievert 2535-49 Powerjet Basic Torch Kit System, General Purpose - Sievert 2535-49 Powerjet Torch Basic Kit. Kit features three burners for soldering, brazing, heat shrinking, paint stripping. Ergonomic PowerJet handle, automatic trigger, trigger lock function. Price/Kit.
Sievert 2535-49 Powerjet Basic Torch Kit System, General Purpose
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PRODUCT: Sievert 2535-49 Powerjet Torch Basic Kit. Kit features three burners, ergonomic handle, automatic trigger, trigger lock function, and drop protection. Price/Kit.

DESCRIPTION: This is a great Sievert Powerjet starter set!  It includes three burners for soft soldering and brazing, heat shrinking, paint stripping, and various other heating jobs.  The handle is ergonomic, has an automatic trigger ignition, trigger lock function, drop protection, can be used in any position, and has a wide range of interchangeable burners. Very reliable, and one of the best values for torch systems.  Get your Powerjet Torch Basic Kit and other Sievert products at!

  • PowerJet Handle and Base
  • 1 Cyclone Burner
  • 1 Hot-Air burner
  • 1 Flat Nozzle for Hot-Air Burner
  • 1 Soft Flame Burner
  • Sievert carrying bag

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