G2 Drip Guard Side Mount Rooftop Defense System - G2 Drip Guard Side Mount Rooftop Defense Systems protect your roofing from the damaging effects of corrosive grease, oil, chemicals, or fluids that are discharged during routine operations. Side mountable 21x14 inch tray. Price/System. (1-3 day lead-time)
G2 Drip Guard Side Mount Rooftop Defense System
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  PRODUCT: G2 Drip Guard Side Mount Rooftop Defense System. Price/System. (1-3 day shipping leadtime)

Ordering Notes: Ideal for exhaust fans with low to moderate grease output from one side.

DESCRIPTION: The G2® Drip Guard® repels rainwater and absorbs grease in its patented Advanced Filter Composite® . The clean water passes freely onto the rooftop while grease stays trapped in the filter. The G2® Drip Guard® is so effective at containing grease and oil from rooftop exhaust systems that Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has Listed it for effectiveness and safety. This is the most absorbent, noncombustible, rainproof, structurally sound, closed and Listed grease containment system on the market today. Uses changeable filter pads (requires annular changes).

Your facility may be subject to unnecessary liabilities, rooftop safety hazards and code violations. Grease and oil emitted onto your rooftop by your kitchen exhaust fans result in unnecessary roof leaks, costly roof repairs, unsafe work areas and even worse— FIRE.

Not only are grease and oil the source of roof deterioration, they are also extremely flammable. Over 98% of all restaurant fires are due in part to kitchen exhaust grease and oil. A spark can travel through the exhaust system to the roof surface resulting in extensive damage to your property and investment.

For higher volume, grease-producing exhaust fan applications, such as broilers, grills, griddles, woks and fryers, use the G2® Grease Guard® XD for complete, UL Listed, four-sided grease containment.

  • Advanced Filter Composite— absorbs and traps grease and oil keeping them off your roofing system.
  • Pre-assembled unit— allows for quick and easy installation.
  • Grease deflective flashing— mounting assembly is constructed from 20 gauge galvanized steel.
MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: This high capacity filter system traps and absorbs up to one gallon of grease. Pre-cut filter replacements are installed in seconds. Discard saturated filter in disposable bag provided.

Please view the GG Maintenance Instructions for further information.

  • Top Pre-Filter— a pass-thru, noncombustible, self-extinguishing filter constructed from an open cross section polymer.
  • Transfer Layer— constructed from polyolefin fiber. Designed for quick transfer of oil based fluids to the absorption layers, while repelling rainwater. UV stability protects the absorption layers from damaging sun rays.
  • Advanced Filter Composite®— constructed from an engineered open cell polyolefin fabric. Over 50 layers of absorbent microfibers wick and contain oil based fluids, while repelling rainwater. Absorption capacity is up to 39 fluid ounces per square foot.
  • Barrier Layer— constructed from a closed cell polymeric blend that provides a leak proof barrier.
  • Bottom Layer— an airflow layer constructed from an open cross section polymer. This layer supports the absorption and security layers while allowing air to circulate throughout the entire filter system.
  • Fire Shield— A fire-proof barrier that protects the roof & building from any potential exhaust system fire hazards.
Grease Guard Installation Guide
Detailed Specifications & Technical Drawing
Grease Guard Tested Chemicals List

Maintenance Instructions
Proper Care
GG Damage Care Brochure

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