Roofing Walkway Non-Slip Pad, WHITE EPDM w/Peel-Stick, 30x30 inch - Heavy-duty White EPDM Protection Pads with Ultra Non-Slip Surface. 30 x 30 x 0.2 inch. Molded White EPDM with Instant-Attach Peel/Stick Butyl Adhesive. Made in USA. Price/Each.
Roofing Walkway Non-Slip Pad, WHITE EPDM w/Peel-Stick, 30x30 inch
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PRODUCT: Heavy-duty White EPDM Protection Pads with Ultra Non-Slip Surface. 30 x 30 x 0.2 inch. Molded White EPDM with Instant-Attach Peel/Stick Butyl Adhesive. Made in USA. Price/Each.

DESCRIPTION: Our Heaviest-Duty and Safest Walkay and Roof Protection Pads. Thse are designed to be ultra slip resistant while protecting all types of roofing areas exposed to repetitive foot traffic and other hazards which may damage roof surface. Ideal as a step-off pad for Roof Hatches. The very slip resistant surface is useful many other general purpose situations: boat docks, boat decks, RV Roofs, Motorhome Roofs, kitchen floors, food prep areas, electrical service panel access, dog runs and more. The white epdm surface remains cool to walk on under any sun exposure. Ideal for RV roof and Houseboat decks. Made in USA.

• Increased slip resistance created with a raised tread structures.
• White EPDM remains cool to walk in under extreme sun conditions (RV/Motorhome Roofs/Houseboat Roofs and Decks).
• Simple Installation: clean surface, Prime (optional based on substrate type), peel and stick pad down, walk on adhesive area to fuse.
• Compatible with All Single Ply Roofing Systems: Butyl sealant is compatible with EPDM, TPO, PVC, and others except asphalt based products. Primers are recommended for each roof type to enhance adhesion.
• UV resistant and superior weathering package for long-term performance .
• Very Heavy Duty. Thickness: 162-mil minimum backing, 40 mil raised treads and 202 mil overall. Commercial/Architectural grade. Suitable for warranted roof work (Weatherbond/Versico/Carisle).

OPTIONS: Also available in BLACK.

PACKAGING: Single units and pallets of 50 Pads (500 lbs).

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