12 in. x 1000 ft Roll Underground Detectable Marking Tape (2 rolls/case) - 12 inch x 1000 ft Roll Underground Detectable Marking Tape, 5 mil thick, solid foil core. Provides easy buried pipeline detection. Various legends. 2 Rolls/Case. Price/Case. (specify LEGEND before adding to cart; ship leadtime 1-2 business days)
12 in. x 1000 ft Roll Underground Detectable Marking Tape (2 rolls/case)
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12 inch wide x 1000 foot long Roll Underground Detectable Marking Tape, 5 mil thick with a solid foil core. Provides for easy buried pipeline detection. Various Legends Available. 2 Rolls/Case. Price/Case.

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  • Specify LEGEND before adding to cart.
  • Shipping leadtime: 1-2 business days.


12 inch wide detectable warning tape provides for easy buried pipeline detection, below ground identification and warning. Our Tri-Tape three layer detectable tape consists of a 0.35 mil (0.00035 inch) solid aluminum foil core with .90 mil of clear film and a third layer of 3.75 mil virgin polyethylene. The solid foil core is encased between a 100% virgin polyethylene film and a clear protective film that not only allows a full view of the foil but the printed message as well. The foil provides for ease in detecting utility lines utilizing either a conductive or inductive method with utility locate equipment. Tape is 5 mils thick which consists of aluminum foil encased between two layers of polyethylene plastic. Foil is visible from both sides of the tape and no inks or print extends to the edges of the tape. All ink is laminated to protect the printed warning message.

Physical Properties:

  • Thickness Overall: 5 mil
  • Thickness Foil Core: 0.35 mil
  • Elongation: 80% MD, 150% TD
  • Tensile: 15,000 PSI
  • Density: 1.09 g/cm³
  • Printability: ≥ 45 Dynes


A wide range of legends are available. Each legend coordinates with the appropriate APWA color for that utility line. The legends we provide are:

  • Blue: Caution Buried Water Line Below
  • Brown: Caution Buried Force Main Below
  • Green: Caution Buried Sewer Line Below
  • Purple: Caution Buried Reclaimed Water Line Below

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