MasterProtect HB 200LR Light Reflective Coating, 5G - BASF Masterprotect HB 200LR Light Reflective Parking Garage / Tunnel Coating. A highly-reflective white coating for dramatically brightening interior areas. 5 Gallon Pail. Price/Pail. (aka # 51687496; min. order 5 pails; leadtime 2-3 weeks)
MasterProtect HB 200LR Light Reflective Coating, 5G
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BASF Masterprotect HB 200LR Light Reflective Parking Garage / Tunnel Coating (formerly known as ParkCoat). A Unique Highly-reflective White Coating for Dramatically Brightening Interior areas. Protects Concrete from Carbon Dioxide Diffusion. 5 Gallon Pail. Price/Pail. (aka # 51687496)

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping Leadtime 2-3 weeks
  • Minimum Order 5 Pails


BASF MasterProtect HB 200LR is a high quality architectural grade 100% acrylic high performance exterior paint coating with very high light reflectivity and a barrier to carbon dioxide diffusion (CO2 protection). Ideal for airless application to large structure like large buildings, inside and outside of parking garages, bridges tunnels and such. Exceptional weathering resistance, bright color retention and fade resistance. Its resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion is exception and adds the equivalent of 18 inches of concrete for resistance for each layer. It acts as protection layer for CO2 difussion, greatly extending the life of concrete structures.


  • Light Reflectance: 88 (very high)
  • Solids: 51.4% by weight
  • Tensile: 567 psi with 35% Elongation
  • Water Vapor: 2.1 dry perms (low breathability)
  • Flame Spread: 10 (low)
  • Carbon Dioxide Diffusion: R=544, Sc - 18 inch (extreme resistance)
  • Application: Spray, Brush, Roller, or Spray and Back-Roll (best)
  • Dry-Time: 2-4 hours at 70F


  • Residential and Commercial
  • Parking Garages
  • Tunnels / Bridges
  • Walls, Beams, Columns, Ceilings
  • Walkway Tunnels / Elevator Areas, Safety Areas


  • Interior
  • Vertical and Overhead
  • Above Grade


Concrete, stucco, cement, plaster, EFIS finishes, block & masonry, primed wood, over existing acrylic or epoxy paints, most any paintable surface.

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