Bestcoat™ Waterproof  Smooth Masonry Coating, BLUE MORNING (5G) - Bestcoat™ Waterproof Grade Smooth Masonry Coating. High-build, waterproof  acrylic coating for repair/protect above/below grade concrete, masonry or stucco. 10 year Warranty. BLUE MORNING COLOR, 5G/Pail. Price/Pail. (overrun; special price; qty limited)
Bestcoat™ Waterproof Smooth Masonry Coating, BLUE MORNING (5G)
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PRODUCT: Bestcoat™ Waterproof Grade Smooth Masonry Coating, BLUE MORNING COLOR TINTED. A High-build, Waterproof Grade Acrylic coating used to repair and protect above or below grade concrete, masonry and stucco finishes. Also for Negative Side (inside) aras. 10 Year Factory Product Warranty. 5G/Pail. Price/Pail.(overrun item; special price; quantity limited)

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DESCRIPTION: Bestcoat Waterproof Grade SMOOTH Masonry Coating is a decorative high-build waterproof coating with high dirt pickup resistance (DPR) for use above and below grade on basement walls, foundations and retaining walls. Also available in 20 standard colors and custom tints in smooth and fine sand textures, this water-based acrylic coating prevents water penetration of all masonry surfaces including concrete, CMU, stucco, EIFS, acrylic stucco and elastomeric finishes. Bestcoat Waterproof has been tested to ASTM D-7088 (Resistance to Hydrostatic Pressure) and ASTM D-6904 (Resistance to Wind Driven Rain) standards.

FEATURES: Rollable and sprayable for quick, Waterproofing Grade, easy application, good hiding power, easily covers substrate imperfections, flexible / chip and crack-resistant even at low temperatures, conforms to the contours and movement of the substrate, resists wind driven rain preventing water penetration into substrate, excellent color retention, facilitates application of EPS board, excellent adhesion, provides longterm durability, water-based, safe, non-toxic, low VOCs.

• Great crack coverage in stucco
• Use Below Grade or Above Grade
• Water Resistance: Excellent
• Wind Driven Rain Resistance: Excellent (ASTM D-6904)
• Breathable: No
• Flexibility: passes 1" mandral
• Tuff -- Chip Resistance (a more elastic option also available)
• Texture: SMOOTH 

• Residential and Commercial
• Hotels, Shipping Centers, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses

• Interior and Exterior
• Vertical and Overhead
• Above or Below Grade
• Use together with protection and drain board in below grade exterior walls.
• LIMITATIONS: Not for continuous submersion, swimming pools or ponds.

SUBSTRATES:  Concrete, stucco, cement, plaster, EFIS finishes, block & masonry

• Waterproof / Below Grade Option
• Elastomeric Version: for high-movement buildings (tall, or earthquake zone structures)


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