24 x 30 Floor Door, Aluminum, 1- Door, Non-Drainable, New Const. - Babcock-Davis BFDNPA24X30SAL Floor Door, 24x30 Lid (19 x 27 clear opening), Single Door, Mill Finish Aluminum, 316 SS Hardware, Non-Drainable C-Channel Frame, Cast-in Anchors, Slam Latch, Removable L-Handle. Price/Each. (see ordering notes in detail view)
24 x 30 Floor Door, Aluminum, 1- Door, Non-Drainable, New Const.
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Babcock-Davis BFDNPA24X30SAL Floor Door, 24" x 30" Lid (19 x 27 clear opening), Single Door with 1/4" Diamond Plate, Frame and Door in Mill Finish Aluminum, 316 Stainless Steel Hardware, Non-Drainable C-Channel Frame (interior installation), 4" Anchors for Cast-In Installation, Slam Latch, Removable L-Handle. Hinge is on the 30" side. Price/Each.

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping Leadtime: 2-3 weeks.
  • Special Order, not returnable


Non-Drainable Series for interior, pour in place applications. Floor Door products are designed and built for years of convenient access for personnel as well as equipment. Door is rated for Live Load of 300 PSF. Frames are provided with 4" anchors for cast in place installation (see Shop Drawing). These are recommended general guidelines only. Locally accepted installation, mounting, and sealing procedures should be followed to ensure the ultimate weather-ability and structural integrity of the floors installed into various types of floor systems.

The floor doors are manufactured from aluminum, and or stainless steel. All floor doors come standard with 316 stainless steel hardware components. The basic components for door operation include turn handle latches, compression springs, stainless steel hinges and a locking hold open arm as detailed.


  • Latch: Slam latch with interior rotating handle, and exterior L-handle key.
  • Drop down lifting handle.
  • Spring: Compression springs to ensure ease of opening and closing during use.
  • Hinge: Stainless Steel hinges.
  • Hold Open Arm: Locking hold open arm automatically engages and locks when the door fully opens.


  • Sizes from 24x24" to 60x60" (double doors for 48x48, 48x72, 60x60. See catalog. Also available in Drainable, Non Drainable, Recessed Mount, Surface Mount, Well Tight, and others. See Catalog for options.

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