MasterFlow 647 Liquid Epoxy Grout, 2.5G Kit - MasterFlow 647, Liquid epoxy grout. For pressure or gravity application. 2 Component, 2.5 Gallon Kit. Price/Kit. (aka # 25013243; see special ordering notes in detail view)
MasterFlow 647 Liquid Epoxy Grout, 2.5G Kit
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MasterFlow 647, Liquid epoxy grout. For pressure or gravity application. 2 Component, 2.5 Gallon Kit. Price/Kit. (aka # 25013243)

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  • Special order, not returnable
  • Minimum Order: 3 units
  • Shipping leadtime: 2 weeks


MasterFlow 647 grout is a two component, modified epoxy resin-based grout. It is specially formulated injection or gravity feed. The material will penetrate and fill voids, cracks, and fissures. MasterFlow 647 exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete or steel that is properly prepared whether wet, dry or oil-contaminated concrete. It can be used to repair cracks in concrete that contain water. Limiations: Not for use in underwater repair.


  • Structural grade epoxy that can be used under sustained loads
  • Bonds to damp and oil-contaminated concrete
  • Chemical resistant for use in a wide range of application environments
  • Low viscosity helps to penetrate fine cracks
  • Simple mix ratio for ease of use in the field
  • Can be extended for wide range of options for crack repair and void filling
  • Fast cure rate for rapid return to service
  • Accelerator available for better capabilities at low temperatures
  • Solvent-free; VOC compliant
  • Yield and Mixing: 2.5 gallons yields 575 in3 (0.33 ft3 or 0.009 m3) of mixed product. When estimating project requirements, be sure to account for application variables.
  • Compliances: ASTM C881, Type I, II and IV, Grade 1 and 2.
  • Compatible with plural component application equipment.


  • Grouted baseplates under compressors, generators, pumps, cement mills and other vibrating and rotating machinery
  • Thin bed repair grout applications
  • Repair of cracked concrete
  • Precast pile bonding
  • Bonding post-tensioned beams


MasterFlow 647 is a 2.5 gallon (9.43 liter) kit/unit. It includes:
– PART A: 1.5 gallons (5.66 liters) in a 3.5 gallon steel pail.
– PART B: 1.0 gallon (3.77 liters) in a 1 gallon steel can.

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