MasterEmaco A 660 Concrete Bonding / Modify Admixture 5G (pallet/36) - MasterEmaco A 660 (formerly called Acryl 60) Concrete Bonding and Modifying admixture. A water-based acrylic adhesion promoter, bonding and modifying admixture for concrete products. 5G/Pail. 36 Pails/Pallet. Price/Pallet. (1g size shown in photo)
MasterEmaco A 660 Concrete Bonding / Modify Admixture 5G (pallet/36)
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MasterEmaco A 660 (formerly called Acryl 60) Concrete Bonding and Modifying admixture. A water-based acrylic adhesion promoter, bonding and modifying admixture for concrete products. 5G/Pail. 36 Pails/Pallet. Price/Pallet. (1g size shown in photo; aka basf #51656438 x 36)

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MasterEmaco A 660 is an acrylic-polymer emulsion which enhances the adhesion, physical properties and durability of Portland cement mortars, plasters, stucco, and concrete mixes. It produces a hard, strong, and fast cure for a wide variety of concrete-repair and cement-based coating materials.

MasterEmaco A 660 improves the adhesion, cohesion, tensile, compressive, and flexural strengths of these cement-based materials.

This non-yellowing, water-base material is suitable for applications interior and exterior, above and below grade.


  • Most All Cement-based mixes: improves their adhesion, and durability.
  • As gauging liquid for concrete waterproofing and concrete repair products, such as MasterSeal, Thoroseal and Thorite.
  • Walkways.
  • Ramps and structural beams, structural walls.


  • Interior or Exterior
  • Above or below grade

How To Apply:

Surface Preparation
1. The methods required for preparation will vary depending on the end product to be applied and the site and substrate conditions.
2. In all cases the surface must be clean and sound. Remove all loose and disintegrated material. Remove any and all traces of oil, grease, dirt, dust, efflorescence, biological, mold or mildew, and release or curing agents.
3. Vacuum, sweep, or blow out the areas to be patched with clean, oil-free air.
Predampen the area to be patched or coated with potable water to a saturated surface-dry (SSD) condition. Do not leave standing water on surface. Proper surface preparation and cleanliness are extremely important.
For other surface preparation guidelines, refer to the specific MasterBuilders product data guide for information.

1. The normal Ratio of Acryl 60 to clean potable water is 1 part Acryl 60 to 3 parts water (1 to 3). Where increased physical and chemical resistance are required, increase the MasterEmaco A 600 content in the mixing liquid to a 1 to 2 or 1 to 1 Acryl 60 to water ratio (see chart above).
2. Always mechanically mix. Do not overmix or mix at a high speed.

1. Thoroughly mix all cement and sand first. The sand must be clean, free of clay, and dry.
2. Make up mixing liquid from a 1 to 3 or 1 to 2 MasterEmaco A-660 water ratio depending upon requirements.
3. Slowly add the mixing liquid to the cement/sand mixture and mix with a slow-speed mixer for 1–2 minutes to avoid entrapping air. After preparing, cleaning, and predampening the surface, brush apply a scrub coat (not diluted) of the A-660 modified cement/sand. Scrub vigorously into the surface to displace any air pockets.
4. Place the mix into the scrub-coated repair area while the scrub coat is still wet or tacky. Place the mix and avoid overtroweling. The trowel should be cleaned frequently, kept wet, and used with minimal pressure.
5. Maximum time for placement should not exceed 20 minutes. Higher air and surface temperatures will decrease working and placement time.

1. When rapid drying is expected due to high temperatures, rapid air movement, or wind, it is recommended that the surface be covered with wet burlap to retain moisture.
2. For normal use, allow a 24-hour curing period.
3. For heavy wheeled traffic, allow a 4-day curing period.

For Best Performance
• Do not use MasterEmaco A 660 modified mixes when the ambient air or surface temperature is below 40° F (4° C) or when the temperature is expected to fall below 40° F (4° C) within 24 hours. High relative humidity, excessive moisture, and low temperatures will retard the curing of A-660 modified mixes.
• Do not use with air-entrained cement mixes or with air-entraining admixtures.
• Do not overmix or aerate mixes.
• Use with proper ventilation.
• Do not use MasterEmaco A 660 as a surface-applied external bonding agent or as a primer.
• Do not expose cement-based mixes modified with MasterEmaco A 660 to water immersion service for a minimum of 24 hours at 73° F (23° C).
• Not recommended for exposure to soft water or immersion where contact with water-treatment chemicals is present without a protective top coat.
• Caution should be used when a highly solvent material is being used over a base system that contains MasterEmaco A 660.
• Make certain the most current versions of product data sheet and MSDS are being used; call Customer Service (1-800-433-9517) to verify the most current version.
• Proper application is the responsibility of the user.

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