#3 Deck-Mate EPDM Boot with Stainless Steel Clamp, SPECIFY COLOR - #3 Deck-mate Special Color EPDM Boot With Stainless Steel Clamp. 7.6 Inch X 7.6 Inch Base, 5.6 inch High, Closed Top. Fits 1/4 - 4 inch (6mm To 102mm) Pipes. Price/Each. (SPECIFY COLOR before adding to cart)
#3 Deck-Mate EPDM Boot with Stainless Steel Clamp, SPECIFY COLOR
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#3 Deck-mate Special Color EPDM Boot With Stainless Steel Clamp. 7.6" X 7.6" Base, 5.6" High, Closed Top. Fits 1/4" - 4" (6mm To 102mm) Pipes. Price/Boot.

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High Quality Pipe Flashing Boot for Roof Penetrations. Features a New Sealing Design. Pipe boot is molded with a 5/8" sealing band for each pipe size. An adjustable stainless steel pipe clamp (included) tightly clamps any pipe size selected and forms a permanent seal.


  • Flexibility: The flexible base is virtually compatible with any roofing material -- metal, plastic, asphalt, tile, rubber membrane, and easily conforms to irregular surfaces.
  • Resilient Design. Performance is unaffected by:
    • Ice/snow
    • Hail stones
    • Vibration
    • Expansion/Contraction
  • Reinforced Base: Base is reinforced with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy clamp ring for flexibility and a tight seal at the base.
  • Roof Pitch-Adaptability: The stepped-pipe design makes easily adaptable to most roof pitches.
  • Warranty: Manufacture provides 20 year limited warranty.


  • Plumbing, heating/air conditioning vents and equipment
  • Electrical service entrances
  • Solar collection pipes
  • Grain augers
  • Masts, vents or pipes through decks or bulkheads
  • Lighting conductors
  • Pest control


  • Colors: Black, Blue Brown, Gray, Light Green, Dark Green, Terra Cotta (in sizes 3 and 5)
  • Sizes: To fit pipe from 1/8 to 18" OD (Sizes 0-9)
  • Materials: EPDM in colors, Silicone in Red.

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