MasterSeal 595 Rapid Setting Water-Stop Mortar, 50Lb Pail - MasterSeal 595 Rapid-setting water-stop mortar. Rapid-setting water-stop mortar. 50-LB Pail. Price/Pail. (shipping leadtime 1-2 weeks for less than 25 bags)
MasterSeal 595 Rapid Setting Water-Stop Mortar, 50Lb Pail
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MasterSeal 595 Pail 50 LB, Rapid-setting water-stop mortar. Price/Each. (formerly Emaco Plug)


  • Shipping leadtime: 1-2 weeks for less than 25 bags


Cement-based, water-stop mortar. It will stop running and seeping water through cracks in concrete under hydrostatic pressure. It can also be used to provide a watertight seal in pipes, tanks, manholes and a variety of other locations.


  • Fast setting so it can stop running water and develops high strength quickly (45 to 90 seconds)
  • Fully hydraulic so it can set above or below water
  • Shrinkage compensated so it expands to lock in place
  • One component so it mixes easily with water only/li>
  • Ready to topcoat in 15 minutes with appropriate product to minimize downtime
  • MasterSeal formulation available for coldweather applications for use in all seasons and climates

  • Seeping cracks under hydrostatic water pressure
  • Manhole inlet, outlet, and invert connections
  • Sewer Lines
  • Concrete pipes, tanks, wet wells
  • Patching construction faults in precast and castin-place structures
  • Grouting anchors and bolts
  • Forming water-resistant coves at the junction of floors and walls


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