ProTech EC-100 Roof Coating, SPECIFY Color (275G Tote) - ProTech EC100 Elastomeric Roof Coating, Specify Color, 275 Gallon Tote. Price/Tote. (2-5 day leadtime. Specify COLOR Before Adding to Cart)
ProTech EC-100 Roof Coating, SPECIFY Color (275G Tote)
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Available standard in Beige, Drifting, Brown Owl, White

Packaging: Tote is a plastic container inside a metal cage, fastened to a pallet. No-Deposit, No Return.

Applications: Ideal for new or recoat over Foam Roofs, asphalt shingles, cap sheet, trailers, etc.

Features: "EC100" is a premium-quality high solids acrylic elastomeric coating. EC100 contains highly reflective metal oxide pigments which also provide long lasting UV protection, high reflectivity and high dirt-pick-up resistance. This high-tech acrylic polymer emulsion is a safe, easy to use water-base system, containing adhesion promoters and a superior reinforcing laminar additive. This combination allows outstanding adhesion properties, insulation, elasticity, reflectivity, excellent tensile, elongation, and ductility. The low stress coating will cure without curling the shingle.

Yield; Application Rate & Coverage: Mix well with power mixer. Apply in 2 separate coats using a 1-1/4" nap roller at the rate of 1.25 gallons per 100 sq ft area per coat (80 sqft/gallon). Let product cure overnight between coats. Do not forget parapet walls - they will add square footage. This is a thick product which dries in with an attractive matte finish.

* Type of Resin: 100% Acrylic
* Shelf Life: 1 year
* Weight solids: 63%
* Volume solids: 55%
* Pigment Volume Concentrate: 43
* Weight per Gal: 11 lbs
* Viscosity CPS: 6500-8500

PREPARATION: See Product Data Sheet. Power mix well before using.

APPLICATION: Apply only when not subjected to rain, high humidity or dew before curing. Acrylic base coatings must cure before being subjected to freezing (50 degrees F.) or moisture. Example of ideal conditions 4-6 hours above 70 degrees f. and low humidity.

COVERAGE: Roll or spray evenly at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 Sq. Ft. This will achieve a mil thickness of approx. 9 MILS per layer. Total mil thickness is dependent on application (25 mils is typical application).

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