MasterSeal NP 100 High Performance Hybrid Sealant, LIMESTONE, 10.1 Oz Tube (1) - MasterSeal NP 100 High Performance Hybrid Sealant, LIMESTONE Color. +/- 50% movement & long term durability. Fast curing, low modulus, paintable. 10.1 Oz Tube. Price/Tube. (30 tubes/case, order full cases for added discount)
MasterSeal NP 100 High Performance Hybrid Sealant, LIMESTONE, 10.1 Oz Tube (1)
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MasterSeal NP 100 LIMESTONE Color High Performance Hybrid Sealant. Provides +/- 50% movement, long term durability, fast curing, low modulus, paintable. 10.1 Oz Cartridge Tube). Price/Tube.

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MasterSeal NP 100 is formulated with polymers for adhesion to a variety of substrates while accommodating high movement and providing long-term durability. 200 PSI tensile strength with 700-900% elongation. MasterSeal NP 100 is a high performance, low modulus, high movement, non-sag, fast curing, and ready-to-use hybrid sealant. It combines the best qualities of organic and silicone sealants to keep moving joints weather-tight.


  • Color: White
  • Superior adhesion: adheres to a variety of substrates resulting in a long term bond
  • +/- 50% Joint Movement: Low modulus, formulated for extreme joint movement on up to 1-1/2 inch wide joints
  • Paintable: Compatible with elastomeric coatings and can be painted soon after installation
  • Resists chalking, cracking and fading to maintain long lasting weather-tight seals
  • Very High Solids: <1% weight loss after aging
  • Wide temperature application range: Apply down to 40F (and guns better than NP1 in cold weather)
  • VOC Compliant: Meets all state and federal VOC regulations (29 g/L VOC)


  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Exterior or interior
  • Above grade
  • For sealing a variety of building joints against water and air intrusion
  • Joints/Expansion Joint with extreme movement (+/- 50%)
  • Storefront systems
  • Expansion joints
  • Panel walls
  • Precast units
  • Painted Roof Metal, Painted Siding Metal, Aluminum, Vinyl and Wood window frames (with 733 Primer application. See Data Sheet for details)
  • Fascia
  • Parapets
  • Sanitary applications (meets USDA for use in areas handling meat and poultry
  • Roofing


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