#14 x 3/4 Inch HWH TEK Screw (250) - #14 X 3/4 Inch HWH TEK Screw, Zinc Plated. Price/250.
#14 x 3/4 Inch HWH TEK Screw (250)
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PRODUCT: #1/4-14 X 3/4" SFS intec-Impax HWH TEK Screw, #3 Self Drilling Point, 3/8" HWH, Zinc Plated Finish. Price/250. (SFS # S5010)

  • For metal-to-metal application.
  • Unique point geometry.
  • Provides quick penetration through high-strength panels and multi-thickness materials.
  • Precision cold forging and advanced heat-treating technology ensure superior strength and exceptional torsional strength during installation.
  • Design features and manufacturing techniques combine to provide installation performance you can count on – every fastener, every time.
  • VistaCoat™ Premium System – a durable finish with exceptional UV & corrosion resistance.
  • 1/4-14 x 3/4" No Washer SD3.
Sizes available from 3/4" to 6".
Available in custom painted top finish.


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