1/4 X 7/8 HWH TEK Cup Head Lap Screw w/ NEO (250) - 1/4-14 X 7/8 Inch HWH Cup Head TEK Lap Screw, Galvanized, with EPDM sealing washer. SFS #V5076-FF. Commonly used for fastening two sheets of overlapping roof metal. 250/Bag. Price/Bag.
1/4 X 7/8 HWH TEK Cup Head Lap Screw w/ NEO (250)
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1/4-14 x 7/8 inch HWH TEK Lap Screw, with solid cup head & sealing washer. 250/Bag. Price/Bag. (SFS #S5076-FF).

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1/4-14 x 7/8 inch HWH TEK Lap Screw comes with a solid cup head and sealing washer. It delivers ultimate performance in light, medium and heavy gauge applications.


  • Lap Seams in metal roofing or siding.
  • Metal-to-Metal.
  • Metal Roofing Steel Framing.


  • Impax™— Sealer — Drill Screws 1/4-14 Impax sealer for fastening metal-to-metal and Metal Lap Seam.
  • Integral cupped 5/16 inch Hex Washer Head configuration fastener with an EPDM sealing washer instead of the traditional bonded sealing washer.
  • Precision cold forged assuring superior point strength and the fastest drilling time performance through high strength steel and nested purlins.
  • Delivers ultimate performance in light, medium and heavy gage applications.
  • Designed and engineered to have low driving and thread engagement torque and provide maximum clamp load.
  • 5/16 inch AF Cupped Hex Washer Head: Thread Major Dia: 0.246 – 0.240, Thread Minor Dia: 0.192 – 0.185
  • Strength (lbs ult.): Tensile: 3800, Torsional: 150 in-lbs, Shear: 2850
  • Pull-out (lbs ult.): 22 ga (.105): 379, 24 ga (.075): 304, 26 ga (.060): 204

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