6 in. Super Sawzall Bi-Metal Blade, 6Tpi (Wood) Each - 6 in. LONG X 3/4 in. WIDE TAPERED, SUPER SAWZALL BI-METAL BLADE 6TPI (fast wood cutting), 1 Blade. PRICE/BLADE. (2-4 day lead time for shipping)
6 in. Super Sawzall Bi-Metal Blade, 6Tpi (Wood) Each
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6 inch Long X 3/4 inch Wide Tapered, Super Sawzall Bi-Metal Blade 6TPI (Fast Wood Cutting), 1 Blade. Price/Blade.

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 2-4 business days.


6 inch Super Sawzall Bi-Metal Blade is engineered with milwaukee nail guard to deliver fast cuts, longer life and great tooth durability. These wood cutting blades feature fang tip that bites into wood on first contact providing with the quickest plunge cuts for maximum efficiency. These sawzall blades are equipped with matrix II bi-metal teeth that prevent against tooth fracture for greater durability. Milwaukee Sawzall wood blades have 1/2 inch universal tangs that fit all Sawzalls and standard competitive saws.


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