Data Sheet / Specification

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Rev. 01-01-07

     Brand:            Best Materials LLC

     P/Ns:             CR34HDR-MD, CR100HDR-MD, CR114HDR-MD,

                        CR112HDR-MD, CR134HDR-MD

     Lengths:         3/4" to 1-3/4"

     Head:             3/8"

     Shank:            Ring Shank

     Wire:              0.120"

     Finish:            Hot Galvanized Dipped

     Base Material:  Carbon Steel, high strength

     Collation:        15 Degree wire collated

     Packaging:       120 Nails/coil, 60 coils/box, 7200 nails/box

     Pull Test:         Method ASTM D1761. Average fastener pullout

                         load exceeds 93 lbs in 15/32" plywood and

                         115 lbs in 1/2" OSB

     Standards:       Meets or exceeds U.S. Standards

                         ASTM F1667-03 & FFN-105B.

     Testing:           Miami-Dade County Notification # ATI 06052

                         Report Number 68183.01-106-18

                         Report Date: 10-27-2006

                         Expiration Date: 10-23-2016

     Applications:    Exterior Construction.

                         Exposed framing, roofing.

                         Recommended for use in Coastal areas or 

                           high-humidity conditions.

                         High-wind and uplift environments.

                         NRCA specification for roofing.

                         American Forest & Paper Association/American

                            Wood Council's National Design Specification

                            (NDS) for Wood Construction.

                         Not recommended for use in treated lumber.

   Streaking may occur if used with Redwood or