isoweld Induction Roof Welding System

Innovative induction welding system

SFS Isoweld Roofer Best Materials is proud to partner with SFS on the isoweld® system so you can achieve faster, better and lower cost TPO/PVC Roofing system installations. Mechanically fastened single ply roofs have been the established means of providing waterproofing for single ply flat roof construction for many decades. From the very start, SFS Intec took the lead role in the development of mechanically fastened solutions and this innovative approach continues today with the new, revolutionary SFS Intec isoweld field fastening system. This offers a user-friendly, fast, efficient and approved system for the attachment of PVC and TPO single ply membrane systems.

The isoweld field fastening system uses induction technology and offers a non-penetrating solution. Secure attachment is achieved through the welding of the membrane to a dedicated SFS Intec stress plate.

Using the Isoweld induction welding system save you 20-40% on most projects. Large material and labor savings result from using 30-40% less fasteners and 30-40% fewer seam welds. The induction welded plates with #15 screws allows better screw patterns which meet all the FM uplift requirements while ensuring a more reliable system having few surface penetrations.

Supply and Purchase

Best Materials stocks all the key materials you need and can ship quickly anywhere. We can supply large or small quantities at the best prices.

Tools do not have to be purchased. They can be rented for project use. We also sell and stock all TPO/PVC Roofing and Accessories, including membrane, prefabricated flashing, drains, hot air welders and more.

isoweld System

Innovative induction welding system which welds adhesive coated plates to single ply membranes.

Isoweld 3000 Tool with Case

isoweld 3000 Stand-up Tool

Includes isoweld 3000 tool, calibration template, instruction manual, plunger cup and 5 replacement protective pads for inductor. Packed in rugged shipping/storage case. This kit also includes one magnet set.

Isoweld Handheld Inductor

Hand-held Inductor, Unique Functionality

The hand-held inductor provides the same secure weld function in tight spaces, near rooftop protrusions and on parapet walls.

Isoweld Magnets

isoweld Magnets

A set of 10 specially designed isoweld magnets, used for clamping and cooling of the weld. Detachable handles allows for use in tight areas and parpapet walls. Supplied in their own shipping/storage case.

Isoweld TPO and PVC Plates

isoweld TPO and PVC Plates

Isoweld plates with proprietary adhesive coatings uniquely designed for use with the isoweld 3000 tool on PVC or TPO membrane.



The isoweld system utilizes #15 screws.Dekfast fasteners are available in lengths from 1-1/4" to 28" and are FM rated.

isoweld Features

  • FM Approvals Class 4470 Certificate of Compliance
  • 1-step calibration
  • Hand-held inductor
  • Constant monitoring of membrane surface temperature
  • "x2" welding - two membrane thickness
  • 3-way weld verification
  • Plate-finding search function
  • No "false positive" welds

isoweld Product Applications

  • PVC and TPO single ply membrane: 35-90 mils
  • Polyiso insulation
  • High density cover boards
  • EPS insulation
  • Foil faced insulation
  • Mineral wood insulation
  • Parapet wall welding

How to operate the isoweld Induction Tool

The key component of the isoweld system is the isoweld 3000 induction tool which was developed in partnership with engineering induction specialists. The system has been extensively tested both in laboratory and site conditions. The isoweld 3000 comes complete with the following essential features:

  • Start button to activate the induction process
  • Height adjustable handle for ergonomic working
  • Simple to use and user friendly display, including a number counter of welded points achieved
  • Membrane compatible wheels allow for easy maneuverability
  • Inductor dummy for stabilization and built-in temperature sensor allowing automatic adjustment of the welding parameters relative to external site temperature
  • Specially developed inductor with search and control function. This ensures that the inductor is located correctly over the plate prior to welding.
  • Built-in compensation for variation of power supply
  • Hand inductor for detailed work on parapet walls and narrow roof areas, e.g. around roof lights, openings, etc.

These features offer users perfect welding quality, security and user friendly operation.

isoweld System Video

isoweld Documentation and More Information

Below is a list of resources and information about the isoweld system.

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