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* Your area estimates need to allow for scrap, edge-cut tiles, miscalculation, etc. Add
about 1' of area each direction to square areas and 10-33% more area in triangle areas.
** FREIGHT: Exact freight cost depends on your delivery location and fuel adders.
*** PITCH: Slope of roof. More information.
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Pitch (Slope) of Roof: This is the rise/run in feet.
The larger the slope, the greater the roof area.
 Pitch (slope)  Roof Angle  Area % Increase
 2/12    9.46  degrees  1.02
 3/12  14.04  1.04
 4/12  18.43  1.06
 5/12  22.62  1.08
 6/12  26.57  1.12
 7/12  30.26  1.16
 8/12  33.69  1.20
 9/12  36.87  1.25
 10/12  39.81  1.30
 11/12  42.51  1.36
 12/12  45.00  1.42