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We specialize in high-performance exterior building paints at great prices. These are High-Build Architectural Grade paint products. Including Waterproofing Grade paints, Elastomeric paints, Mold and Mildew Resistant Paints and High UV resistant Paints. All provide beautiful exterior paint colors and long term weathering resistance on masonry, concrete, EIFS and similar surfaces. Most are architectural grade and available factory-tinted for guaranteed color uniformity. Our elastomeric paints provide up to 785% elongation for protection on the most challenging surfaces. 10 Year warranties are available as well as field technical support from BASF on BASF products.


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EXTERIOR PAINT PRODUCTS: These high-performance waterproof coatings are available for every exterior application Wall paint coatings selection guide and are available with precise factory tinting in large batches with to assure color matches (48 standard wall paint colors and in textured). Most are available smooth or in a variety of textures. More information. Popular products include:
   MasterProtect HB 200: Features superior weathering resistance, elastomeric, UV and water resistant, 25 perms, 56% solids, high build, easy airless spray, easy to clean, commonly used in commercial buildings, parking garages, tunnels, high UV, and very hot climates.
   MasterProtect HB 200LR: BASF Masterprotect HB 200LR Light Reflective Parking Garage / Tunnel Coating. A highly-reflective white coating for dramatically brightening any interior area. High Build.
   MasterProtect HB 400: A high-build, 100% acrylic waterproof coating for above-grade concrete, masonry, stucco and EIFS. Provides an effective carbon dioxide diffusion barrier to protect embedded steel from corrosion. Freeze/Thaw resistant. Suitable for cold climates. Breathable yet resists wind driven rains. Also available in HB 400DOT grade
   MasterProtect C 250: BASF Masterprotect C 250 Smooth Grade Mildew/Mold Resistant Exterior Paint. It provides exceptional long-term protection against wind-driven rain, fungus, and mildew growth.
   MasterProtect EL 750AA: Elastomeric, Water and Algae Resistant, Waterproofing Grade, High-build.
   MasterProtect EL 850: A Silcone-Modified Elastomeric Coatinge Textured (No Texture, Coarse or Fine) Masonry Coating. A high-build, elastomeric water resistant acrylic coating used to repair/protect above-grade concrete, masonry or stucco. Email us for a quote.
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  Concrete Sealer, Penetrating Sealers
  Concrete Stains, Primers, Sealers, Dyes
  Deck Coating Products
  Epoxy Based Coatings
  Galvanizing Coatings, Zinc Rich Anti Rust Coatings
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  UV Protector Paint, brushable.
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  Caulking and Sealants for every exterior interface
  Chalky Surface Primer, Low VOC
  Epoxy Based Coatings flexible waterproof coatings for
    extreme environments
  Foundation Coatings waterproof foundation coatings
  Galvanizing Coatings, Zinc Rich Anti Rust Coatings
  Roof Paint
  Waterproofing Products
  All Painting and Coating Tools & Supplies 
  Anti-Graffiti Coatings, Clear Sacrificial Coatings 
  Brushes & Chip Brushes
  Buckets, Plastic Pails
  Bucket Racks, Cooler Racks
  Caulking Guns
  Handles (Paint, Mop, Broom)
  Masking Paper
  Pails, Plastic Pails
  Paint Can Opener, Other Accessories
  Plastic Sheeting
  Protective Suits, Coveralls
  Putty Knife (joint finish tools, taping knives
  Rags (white and colored recycled rags)
  Roller Covers (Paint Roller Covers
  Roller Frames (all types of paint roller frames)
  Roller Frame, 9" Heavy Duty <-Super Sale
  Roller Frames and Covers, 18" wide
  Shoe Covers, Booties
  Squeegees (notched squeegees, and specialty for coatings)
  Spray Sock, Head Covers
  Strainers (paint strainers)
  Tapes (all types)
     2 Sided Tape
     Aluminum Faced Flashing Tapes
     Clear Tape
     Duct Tape
     Eternabond Tapes
     Flashing Tapes
     Masking Tape
     Peel & Stick Roof Underlayment & Membranes
     PTFE Thread Seal Tape, Plumbers Tape
     Roof Repair Tapes
  Trays, Paint Trays (all types of painters trays)
  BASF Master Builders part number Cross Reference Guide
  Acryl 60   MSDS Sheet
  Masterprotect 200   MSDS Sheet

  Bridge and Road Repair Products
  Curing and Liquid Surface Treatments 
  Concrete Repair Products
  Grouting and Grouting Products
  Wall Coatings and Waterproof Exterior Paints
  Water Repellants
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