Discount Roof Pipe Flashings, Pipe Boots & Expansion Joint SealsRoof Pipe Flashings, Multi-Pipe Flashings for Commercial Roof, Metal Roofs and more

We offer ALL types of pipe flashing systems, roof penetration flashing and sealing solutions. They are field proven for sealing all types of roof penetrations. Our large inventory includes EPDM and Silicone Pipe Flashing Boots, High Temp Silicone Pipe Boots, Deck-Mate, Master Flash, pipe portals (multi-pipe flashings), Retrofit Pipe Boots, Solar Pipe Flashings, A/C multi-pipe roof flashings, ChemCurb Systems, roof jacks, curb seals and roof bellows. Roof seal systems include rubber roof flashings designed for use with copper vent pipe flashings, steam pipe flashing, lead flashings, metal roof pipe flashings, neoprene flashings, roof vent pipe flashings, chimney pipe flashings, shingle pipe flashings and TPO/PVC We also carry types of retrofit storm collars, retrofit pipe and penetration flashings, including items for square-tube and angle-iron roof penetrations.

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We specialize in Master Flash, Deks, Deck-Mate and SpringSeal rubber flashings and inventory all sizes. These rubber flashing boots are easy-to-use and feature a 20 year manufacturers warranty. The rubber flashing boots are available in both EPDM and Silicone materials, and in colors. The Retrofit Pipe Flashing Systems  and retrofit storm collars enable you to quickly wrap and permanently seal existing pipes such as air conditioning pipes, conduit, hot water gas flues, chimney pipes, etc. For service entrance flashing, use Retro-Spin flashing Kits. For shingle roofs, we have easy to install Shingle Roof Pipe Flashings

12” CHEMCURB StraightsChemcurb Systems are used for multiple pipes, difficult retrofits, odd sized roof penetrations and replacements for all pitch pan type seals. New low cost Mini-Curbs accommodate smaller sizes and come in a kit complete with everything to seal 10 areas. More ChemCurb Info.

We also supply expansion joint covers. Inventory includes covers & seals for roof to wall expansion joints, curb mount / curb flange expansion joints, corner and crossover expansion joint covers, straight flange expansion joint covers and combination flange expansion joint covers.

NEW: Top of the line lead pipe flashings, lead roof flashings, lead vents, lead scuppers, lead sheet, lead scuppers, lead plumbing vents and other lead roofing products for the longest life performance.


Alumi-flash pipe flashing systems (Portals Plus)
Alumi-Flash, Flashing Adaptors
Chemcurbs (Curbs with waterproof elastic filler)5" ROUND POLYESTER CHEMCURB SET (6 CURBS PLUS SEALANT)
EPDM Pipe Flashings (white)
Metal Flashings for Roof Pipes and Vents
Mini-Curbs (set of TEN 3" ID curbs with filler)
Peel/Stick Pipe Flashings
Pipe Boots: Multi-Pipe Systems
Pipe Portal Systems (curbs plus flashing boot for large single or multi-pipe rooftop penetrations)

Residential Roof Pipe FlashingsShingle Roof Pipe Flashings
   Shingle Roof Pipe Flashings
   Tile Roof Pipe Flashings
Storm Collars / Rain Collars (pipe collars)
Square Shaped Penetration Seals
TPO / Single Ply Flashing Systems
Storm Collars / Rain Collars (pipe collars)
Retrofit Flashing Boots (for all shapes)
Rubber Flashing Boots
Flashing Tapes (peel/stick products):
    Aluminum Faced Flashing Tapes
    Corner Flashings, Expandable Tape Flashings
    Corner Flashing 4-Piece Method (Use Eternabond)
    EPDM Faced Flashing Tape
    Eternabond Flashing Tapes
    Expanding Foam Sealant Tape, Closure Tape
    U-Seal Flashing Tape (lower cost flashing products)
  TPO prefabricated scupper drain
Lead Flashing Products:
    Lead Pipe Counter Flashings
    Lead Pipe Flashings
    Lead Sheet & Rolls
    Zinc Sheet, Rolled Soft Zinc Flashing, lead free
    (excellent, prevents mold-mildew and lots cheaper
Rubber Pipe Boots, General Index
Rubber Pipe Flashing Boots & Systems (all types)
    (includes Master flash and Master flash retrofits)
Silicone Rubber Pipe Flashing Boots & Systems
Master flash silicone rubber pipe boot flashings systems are available in many sizes. They can operate at very hot or cold temperatures -- up to 437F continuous and 500F intermittently. Silicone Boots are used for hot pipes, extreme environments and in corrosive applications.
Related Items:
   Collars, Rain Collars, Pipe collars
   Expansion Joint Products
   Expansion Joint Sealant (vertical & horizontal)
   Flashing Compounds
   Flashing Tapes / Peel & Stick Products
   Metal Goods
   Pitch Pan Sealers
   Residential Roof FlashingsPeel/Stick EPDM Pipe Flashing, White. Fits 1-6 Inch Pipe
   Roof Brackets (equipment / solar supports)
   Tile Roof Pipe Flashings
   T-Top Roof Vent Flashings
   Roof Repair Items
   U.Seal Flashing Tape (lower cost peel & stick)


Master Flash pipe flashing flashing systems are available in both EPDM and high-temperature Silicone Rubber:
  Master flash Boot Sizes & Materials
  Retrofit Flashing Boots Sizes and Materials
  Master Flash Installation Instructions
  Retrofit Roof Flashing Installation Instructions
  Retrofit Adaptors (squares and angles)
#1 Master Flash Extreme Angle Flashing
ASI Retrofit Flashing System
The fastest, easiest retrofit flashing for electrical conduits and service entranaces.  more information
The Retro-Split Storm Collar, available separately, 'splits' open, allowing you to wrap it around the penetration. Once tightened with a hose clamp, you have a clean and effective waterproof assembly, as shown in figures 1-3.
Retrofit Collar Assembly For Waterproofing Roof Penetrations
CHEMCURB Systems: Engineered to Perform

ChemCurb Roof Penentration Flashings for Flat Roofs. Fits all shapes and quantities of roof penetrations.

The Chemcurb system consists of a tough, 2-inch deep poured-rubber-seal into a surrounding curb which bonds to the roof surface (compatible with EPDM, PVC, BUR, coal tar, SBS modified, granulated APP, many types of coated metal and FRP). These easy to install systems are useful for retrofits and odd sized or difficult penetrations. They are recommended replacements for all pitch pan seals on new and re-roofs.

Chemcurb Brochure and Options
Chemcurb Guide and Specifications
Chemcurb Part Details and Illustrations
Chemcurb Product Datasheet

New MINICURBS enable cost effective sealing of small pipes and irregular or multiple penetrations such as HVAC conduit and drains, exterior lighting supports, surveillance cameras, mounts for solar panels and light angle-iron struts.Multi-Pipe and irregular item flashing system for all types of Flat Roofs

Curb components are made of pre-cast polyester composite or black structural urethane for saw cutting and can be configured to fit every shape and size of penetration! Product Datasheet on configuration and installation.

M-1, the bonding adhesive included in the ChemCurb System, is a tough, thermosetting adhesive capable of bonding steel deck to bar joists and metal sandwich panels to roof and wall purlins. M-1 develops 300 lbs. per square inch of shear strength on metal, masonry and wood. It is capable of 300% elongation and can accommodate dimensional changes in construction materials down to minus 20 degrees F, and is solvent free. Available in Black, Gray, Limestone, and White.

1-Part Pourable Sealer is a moisture-cure self-leveling high performance sealer applied with a 1-quart caulking gun (available in re-sealable 2-liter pouches for larger jobs). It's designed for use in warranted ChemCurb penetration seals, and can be used in non-warranted metal pitch pans. Available in Gray only.


The Portals Plus pipe portals systems includes Alumi-Flash and are compatible with all types of roof systems. Due to the flexibility of the EPDM rubber caps, roof leaks are eliminated because penetrations are allowed to expand, contract, and vibrate independently of the waterproofing. Special retrofit caps are also available from  which accommodate a variety of pipes, tubes, and angle irons from .375" through 12". The caps are molded EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber which is compounded to resist degradation due to oxidation or exposure to ozone and ultraviolet rays, while having a serviceable temperature range of -60F to +270F. The caps are mechanically sealed to the Alumi-Flash base with a double "Weather-Tite Pressure Seal", which consists of two (2) beads formed into the collar that mate with the double grooves on the inside of the caps. Together, the Portals Plus cap and base provide a permanent, watertight and maintenance free means for penetrating roofs that is simple and easy to install. Solar Flashings, Solar Pipe Flashings, A/C Flashings

Solar and A/C multi-pipe flashings in all sizes for all roof types.

Expansion Joint Covers and Sealing Systems:

Expansion Joint Systems, Seals & Covers are factory-manufactured flexible, weatherproof, exterior covers for structural expansion joint openings, and are effective, closures for a wide variety of special applications. Manufactured of a unique 3-ply flexible reinforced Hypalon bellow supported by a durable closed cell foam, which allows for anticipated movement in the structure, and metal mounting flanges factory locked to each edge of the bellow. Expansion Joint Covers with reinforced Hypalon bellow withstand the most extreme chemical and weather conditions without leakage. Factory-manufactured fitting accessories (corners, tees, end terminations, and crossover intersections) are designed for maximum flexibility and are produced using special techniques to ensure clean seam lines and watertight applications. Field seams are easily accomplished with standard splice kits. For use with all types of roofing- asphalt, coal tar bitumen, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Hypalon, and most others. Replaces easily torn non-reinforced EPDM and Neoprene covers and easily damaged, bent, and leaky metal covers. More Expansion Joint information and options (call for our special pricing)


DekStrip: Very durable TPE rubber flashing for large, curved or irregular profiles. Available in 7 to 18" widths and 33 or 75 foot lengths, with a 25% stretchable molded-in edge reinforcement. More Information.






Caulks and Sealants:

Technical information about caulks and sealants can be found on our caulks and sealants page.


SIZING PIPE FLASHINGS: Most call-out sizes are based upon national standard pipe sizes (NPS). Copper and brass pipe dimensions are different.

Standard Pipe Sizing:



1 1/4"
1 1/2"

2 1/2"



=0.840" o.d.
=1.050" o.d.
=1.315" o.d.

=1.660" o.d.
=1.900" o.d.
=2.375" o.d.

=2.875" o.d.
=3.500" o.d.
=4.500" o.d.

=5.563" o.d.
=6.625" o.d.
=8.625" o.d.

=10.750" o.d.
=12.750" o.d.




1/8 0.405 0.281 0.062 0.253 0.259
1/4 0.540 0.376 0.082 0.447 0.457
3/8 0.675 0.495 0.092 0.627 0.641
1/2 0.840 0.626 0.107 0.934 0.955
3/4 1.050 0.822 0.114 1.27 1.30
1 1.315 1.063 0.126 1.78 1.82
1-1/4 1.660 1.368 0.146 2.63 2.69
1-1/2 1.900 1.600 0.150 3.13 3.20
2 2.375 2.063 0.156 4.12 4.22
2-1/2 2.875 2.501 0.187 5.99 6.12
3 3.500 3.062 0.219 8.56 8.75
3-1/2 4.000 3.500 0.250 11.2 11.4
4 4.500 4.000 0.250 12.7 12.9
5 5.562 5.062 0.250 15.8 16.2
6 6.625 6.125 0.250 19.0 19.4
8 8.625 8.001 0.312 30.9 31.6
10 10.750 10.020 0.365 45 46.2
12 12.750 12.000 0.375 55.3 56.5

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