Propane Gas Tank Fittings and Connectors

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Propane Regulators

tank regulators

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We have all kinds of propane and LP tank regulators. Our regulators vary in use, including for roofing torches, weed burners and tar pot heaters.

Propane Adaptors, Connectors and Fittings


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Propane adaptors tend to wear out in extreme weather conditions and heavy use. See our selection of Marshall and other brands of propane parts. Consult the catalogs listed here to ensure you find the right thread and fit.

Propane Torches/Welding for Roofs


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BestMaterials specializes in providing a selection of torches and welding supplies for roofing pros. See our selection of torch kits and torch parts, including hot air welding kits. Download the Sievert guide to using Hot Air Kits here.

Propane Kits for Roofers

propane kit

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Roofing professionals can save when purchasing a kit for their jobs. Most kits come with a burner, regulator, hose and connectors.

Propane Hoses

propane hose

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Heat, dirt and debris can wear down connective hoses for your propane tank. A worn out hose can crack, and then leak gas - leading to a potential danger. See our selection of regulator hoses. While replacing your hose, consider updating any other valves and connectors in your system.

Propane Parts for Camping and RVs

camping propane parts

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Campers and RV owners need a range of specialty adaptors, splitters and fittings for their propane tanks. Don't forget to purchase extra propane bottle gas caps - keeping them on hand is handy when travelling. When selecting the connectors - doublecheck the TPI (threads per inch) and OD (outside diameter) to make sure both connect. Note - some parts have the same TPI but not the same OD.


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Sievert Propane Tools and Accessories

Propane ACME (Type-1 / QCC) Fittings & Parts (ACME fits newer refillable propane tanks)

Propane P.O.L. Fittings and Parts (POL fits older style refillable propane tanks)

Guides and Tutorials for Propane Tank Parts:

Note: Tanks come in multiple sizes; all manufacturers are required to follow the regulations set out by ASME (Amercian Society of Merchanical Engineers) rules.

Here are some guides to use when purchasing your fittings to ensure you get the right size and thread:

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