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At Best Materials we value our Canadian customers. We realize there are many factors to be considered when ordering from a US company. We have put together the following information provide you with some facts and considerations so you can understand the final cost of your order.

What Is The Best Shipping Method For Your Order?

We offer 3 methods of shipping to Canada: For small parcels, UPS and USPS (United States Postal Service). For large and heavy items, we have LTL truck freight. Truck freight can be to a business or a residential delivery, and has options for lift gate service. You must select the correct delivery option or delivery will be delayed while additional fees are collected.  We are happy to quote special rates for large order deliveries.

Items to consider in deciding which shipping method will work best for you:

How quickly do you require the items? – UPS will always get your order to you the fastest, and has good tracking but you will incur a brokerage fee for UPS STANDARD shipping. Premium shipping has no UPS brokerage fees.

Brokerage Fees: UPS will charge to the CONSIGNEE (receiver) once your package reaches you. It must be paid. If you have an open account with UPS, you can charge any brokerage / duties / taxes to your UPS account. The brokerage fee is not charged if the price of the items is under $20.00 CDN (this applies to USPS as well), or if you use Express Guaranteed Delivery Service. Please read more below about Brokerage Fees. You can get current detailed  information on Canada brokerage fees for UPS here: UPS Canadian Brokerage Fees

Insurance: UPS fully insures your good and shipment for loss or damage. USPS shipping has minimal insurance. Best does not replace any USPS losses. USPS has other special options. See the USPS site for more information.

Tracking: UPS has excellent tracking. USPS has poor tracking and delivery confirmations only for premium classes of shipment.

USPS: There are no brokerage fees charged by USPS. We suggest Priority Mail International if using USPS. There is not reliable tracking available in spite of what they say. Priority Mail shipping time is generally 6-10 days. We are not responsible for lost or damaged USPS shipments. Please do not use any letter or envelop options as items will not fit, and this will delay your order while we contact your for additional funds.

Shipping Cost: Its calculated based on Weight, Size, Destination, Number of Items, residential/commercial delivery, lift-gate requirements any hazmat fees and Delivery Time.

Blind Shipments: NO blind (no paperwork or invoice included) shipments to Canada are permitted. 

What Other Costs Do You Need To Factor In?

Canada Customs Duties:

Because of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadians do not have to pay DUTY on most American and Mexican made products (it is important to note that even though the manufacturer may be based in the USA if they out source their manufacturing to Asia then it no longer qualifies as manufactured in America). Please contact us via email or phone if you require us to either, let you know where it was manufactured or if you require us to state in writing that an item was manufactured in the US or Mexico for Canada Customs.

How much are the duties / PST/GST/HST taxes ?

If you have questions about Canada taxes please call a Canada Customs Office.

Canadian Taxes:  GST applies to just about everything an individual imports into Canada. The GST rate is 5%. GST is calculated after duties have been applied.

PST or QST will be charged as well in accordance with your provincial rate.

In provinces with Harmonized Sales Tax (NB, NS and Newfoundland and Labrador), you’ll be charged a flat 15% instead of GST and PST.

Summary of Costs: Cost of Item + Cost of Shipping + Brokerage + GST/PST/HST (taxes) = Total Cost you will be charged in US Dollars

Duty – Click here for contact information for the Canada Customs office near you

We value your business and have attempted to compile the most comprehensive list of information to assist you with your order. If there is any information that you have acquired in your experience of ordering from the US that you do not see here we would love to hear about it.


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