Snow Guards (Snowguards) and Snow Rails

Snow Guards and Snow Rails

We're proud to provide Snow Guards and Snow Rails from all the industries leading snow guard manufacturers  including the Berger Clamp-on and Snow Rail snow retention systems, Levis Snow Defenders, MM/Glacier clear Snow Guards, Sno Shield and TRA Snow and Sun. All have a lifetime warranty and are engineered to prevent damage or injury caused by avalanching snow and ice while enhancing the beauty of any roofing system. We have snow guards for all types of roofs including: metal roof snow guards, shingle roof snowguards, tile roof snow guards, membrane roof snow guards, snow rail systems, cedar shake roof and slate roofs snowguards. You'll find our Snow Guard / Snow Rail quick shipping & discount prices are unbeatable.FR531 Spanish Tile Snow Guard - FitRite #531 Snow Guard for Spanish Tile Roof. PLEASE EMAIL FOR CURRENT PRICING. (UPS shipping only)


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Snow Guard Product Details & Pricing: All Types of Plastic Snow Guards for Metal Roofing
       -- Special Sale --
  Heavy Duty Snow Guard by Glacier <--As low as $3.25
  Mini Snow Guard by Glacier  <--As low as $1.65
   (fits narrow-space areas)
  Asphalt Shingle Snow Guards
  Clamp-On Snow Guards for Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  Copper Roof Snow Guards
  Corrugated Metal Roof Snow Guards
  Designer Series Snow Guards (also see catalog items)
  Flat Metal Roof Panel Guards
  Plastic Snow Guards
  Slate Roof Snow Guards
  Snow Rail Systems for Metal Roofs
  Tile Roof Snow Guards
      More Tile Roof Options
Snow Guards fo For Slate and Asphalt shingled roofs
More Product Options:
  Berger Catalog of Additional Items
     Berger items in Webstore
  Tra Catalog of Additional Items
     Tra items in Webstore
Snow Rail Systems for Metal Roofs
Orders over 500 units qualify for special freight. Email us for a quote!
Snow Guards, Full Catalog of Options
Snow Rails, Full Catalog of Options
Snowguard Fastening: Glacier's Snow Guards are designed with an oversize footprint that provides a large bonding area for adhesive in stallation. Glacier's snow guards are approved for adhesive installation with with the recommended construction adhesive sealants. (competitors designs have much smaller contact area and do not hold well). Or you can use both adhesive and fasteners if desired.
  CLEAR-25 General use cost-effective structural sealant & adhesive
    (325 psi tensile)
  SB-190 Super strong adhesive-sealant. Recommended as best by most snow guard manufacturer.  (2000 psi tensile)
How Much Adhesive: One tube of Sealant installs about 6-8 Heavy Duty Glacier guards and 17 to 20 of the Glacier Mini Guards.
Fasteners, if desired: Recommended is #8 HWH SMS together with an EPDM bond-seal washer. More information on seal washers.
Special / Custom snow retention layouts: Berger Building Products offers an calculator spreadsheet tool for help with layouts and quantities.

Heavy Duty Snow Guard by Glacier

Heavy Duty Snow Guard by Glacier

SNOW GUARD PRODUCT: #GSGT5P, Heavy Duty Snow Guard by Glacier. Made from Polycarbonate (Lexan). 4.5" wide x 7.5" long with a 3" high guard. Design for superior strength with adhesive applications.

APPLICATIONS: Roofs including metal, EPDM, PVC, slate and asphalt shingles.

The largest and strongest SnowGuard available on the market today. Made from super tough polycarbonate material for the greatest available performance and durability.
With over 30 square inches of base coverage, the Glacier Snow Guard has surpassed the competition to assure the best possible holding and reliability.
4.5" Wide x 7.5" Long with a 3" High Guard.
U.V. Resistant.
Unique ledge design adapts to shingle type applications.
Three large structural ribs provide superior strength.
Exclusive waffle design tread on the bottom provides maximum holding power (using recommended adhesive sealants). This holding power is such that fasteners are not required -- eliminating penetrations and sources of leaks.
Clear Glacier Snow Guards have low visibility.
Paintable to match roof colors.
14 pre-molded #8 screw cone head screw holes are provided for mechanical fastening.
Mini Snow Guard by Glacier

.Mini Snow Guard by Glacier

SNOW GUARD PRODUCT:  #MGSG01, Mini Snow Guard by Glacier. Made from solid Polycarbonate (Lexan). 1.5" wide x 5" long with a 2" high guard.

APPLICATIONS:  Recommended for use in smaller areas and overhangs where the larger Snow Guard is not practical. Can be used on all types of roofs including metal, EPDM, PVC, slate and asphalt shingles.

The Mini SnowGuards are the strongest of this type available on the market today. They are made from polycarbonate material for the greatest available performance and durability.
• Narrow footprint enables the MINI Glacier Snow Guard to fit where larger Snow Guards won't.
Exclusive waffle design tread on the bottom provides maximum holding power (using recommended adhesive sealants). This holding power is such that fasteners are not required -- eliminating penetrations and sources of leaks.
• Designed for overhangs and narrow valleys found on typical rooftops.
• U.V. resistant
• Two oversized structural ribs for superior strength.
• Clear Glacier Snow Guards are practically invisible on all roof types.
• 1.5" Wide x 5" Long with a 2" High Guard.
• 6 Pre-molded #8 screw cone-head screw holes are provided for mechanical fasteners (if desired).
  E-Rail (2-rail system
  F-Rail (accommodates up to 4 rails)
  S-Rail (low-profile, 1-rail system)
  E-Rail (2-rail system
  F-Rail (accommodates up to 4 rails)
  S-Rail (low-profile, 1-rail system)

Snow Loads, Calculations and Snow Guards:

Important: The number, location, spacing and attachment method is dependant on the "snow load". Snow loads vary with your location, roof design, seasons, rapid changes in weather and other factors. If you have snow guards which come off, you need to review the snow load. Unbalanced Snow Loads and excessive Snow Build-Up can overload roofs. Good references are:
* Commentary On Snow Loads, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
* Changes in Snow Load Calculations, by B. Feldman.
* Roof Design for Snow Areas. Excellent discussion of causes of ice dams / buildup and proper roof design.
* Ice Dam Formation on Roofs and How to Prevent. From University of Minn.
* ASCE-7, America Society of Civil Engineers, "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures". This includes a formula that can be used to convert snow depth to weight.
How do Snow Guards work?

SnowGuards can prevent damage or danger caused by avalanching snow and ice. Snow Guards are attached to the rooftop to allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely before falling to the ground.  The Glacier snowguards are designed not only for safety, but for a pleasing while being very cost-effective.

Snow guards are installed on roof surfaces to protect against snow and ice damage below. It especially important to install snowguards above: entryways, walkways, and gathering spots; parking lots and drive-through areas; expensive landscaping; ground mounted mechanicals; on metal roofs; lower roofs; valleys and crickets; and gutters and roof protrusions, such as plumbing vents.


Layout Patterns
Installation Instructions

(Please see individual products for product specific installation).

NOTE: Best Materials is not responsible for determining the structural integrity or live load capacity of any roof on which Snow Guards will be installed. This shall be done by an licensed architect or engineer. See Snow Loads & Calculations above.

* All OEM's recommend SB-190 (VERY STRONG). But some use Clear-25 or SB-1800 structural adhesive sealants. SB-1800 cures quicker, but is not nearly as strong and is more expensive. SB-1800 is the only material which can be used during cold temperature installations, and should be seen as s temporary adhesive until weather warms.. SB-190 is strongest with 2000 PSI tensile (vs. 325 psi for Clear-25).

If you use SB-1800 or Clear-25, you will need MORE snowguards to achieve the same snow holding power as with SB-190.

If snowguards come loose, it indicates you have not installed enough Snowguards to sustain the snow load or melting snow conditions. It is not a failure of the adhesive system or the snowguards. If you attached using SB-1800, re-attach these with SB-190 in the Spring / warmer weather.

* Use of adhesive only or adhesive plus fasteners is satisfactory for some applications with Glacier snow guards. Glacier recommends adhesive only.

Typical SnowGuard Installation Procedures for Installation on Metal Panels:

1. The area that the SnowGuard will be installed must be clean from any surface contamination. Alcohol will clean the area and will dry quickly. Area must be dry for adhesives to bond properly.

2. Use a pencil to mark the area where the Snow Guard will be installed, no more than 12" from outside of exterior wall to help prevent ice dams. At the eaves on most roofs under 6/12 pitches, two staggered rows of SnowGuards will be sufficient. Over 6/12 pitches, a third row must be added. If the distance from the roof edge to peak is greater than thirty feet, no matter the pitch, two additional rows of SnowGuards should be added. Add Snow Guards to areas over doorways and around valleys for added protection.

* If unsure about location, placement, fastening or number of Snow Guards needed please  contact Glacier Snow Guards technical support.

3. After marks have been made. Test fit the Snow Guard. Then apply a bead of adhesive to all ribs, edges and flat surfaces on the entire bottom of Snow Guard. Be sure to apply enough adhesive to fill all air gaps along the ribs and flat surfaces.

One tube installs about 6-8 Heavy Duty guards and 17 to 20 of the Mini Guards.

4. Press the SnowGuard firmly into place with the shingle ledge pointed up, above the mark made in step 2. Apply enough pressure so the adhesive flows into all the holes and around perimeter.

5. OPTIONAL FASTENERS: If specified, install screws through pilot holes of choice in Snow Guard and metal roof. Screw must penetrate through purlin or support beam under metal roof panel. For most installations, two screws which penetrate into the support beam must be used as a minimum. Installer shall determine proper length, size and number of screws necessary for required holding strength and torque. Four or more screws help full the metal flat against the Snow Guard and provide even bonding of the adhesive to the metal

6. Apply an additional small bead of adhesive around the perimeter of the Snow Guard to seal all edges. Be sure that adhesive came out of all holes, if not apply adhesive to these areas. Cover the top of any screws to seal the penetration path.

7. Clean up any excess adhesive sealant with WD-40 (best) or Acetone or alcohol (caution: solvent materials are very flammable. Also, eye and skin protection should be used).

8. Allow enough time for the adhesive sealant to fully cure.

  Clear-25 will cure tack free in 30 minutes at 70F. It will cure to full strength in 7-14 days in warm areas. Clear-25 will NOT cure when below 50F.

  SB-1800 will initially set after 8 hours and fully cure after 24 hours at 70F and 50% RH, and can be applied down to -20F. It will set and cure below 50F, just slower. You will need MORE snowguards when using SB-1800 as its not as strong as Clear-25.

Glacier Installation Procedures for Mechanical Installation on Shingles:
  1. Area that SnowGuard will be installed must be clean from any surface contamination.
  2. Install the first Snow Guard no more than 12" from outside of exterior wall and 12" from outside of gable side to prevent ice dams.   Determine the position of the shingle that will cover the shingle ledge by laying it in position and marking in the center of the lower shingle.   From this mark, measure up no less than 1 (one) inch and no more than 1-¼ (one and a quarter) inch and place a mark, this mark is the top of the Snow Guard.  
  3. The installer must determine the proper length, size and number of fasteners or type of adhesive to use.  The head of the fastener must be even with snow guard, if it sticks beyond the Snow Guard it could cause the fastener to push through the shingle.
  4. Now is the time to install the first Snow Guard.   Position the top of Snow Guard at the mark made in step 2.   Insert fasteners into chosen holes of Shingle Ledge on uppermost part of Snow Guard.   When fastening be sure that one screw penetrate through a rafter, purlin or structural support member.  
  5. Install the remainder Snow Guards to this row following the guidelines discussed.   There should be a maximum of 24" between each Snow Guard horizontally and a maximum of 24" vertically.   Stagger the next row at the midpoint of the Snow Guards below.  Continue this row until reach the other side of roof. At the eaves on most roofs under 6/12 pitch, two staggered rows will be sufficient. Over 6/12 pitch, a third row must be added.   If the distance from the roof edge to peak is greater than thirty feet, no matter the pitch, two additional rows should be added at the center of roof.   Add Snow Guards to areas over doorways and around valleys for added protection. If unsure of amount needed please contact Glacier Snow Guards.
  6. If using screws, cover top and edge of screw with sealant to further protect from leaks. 


The following manufacturers warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.  Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price.  User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.

If Glacier Snow Guards are to be installed in the winter months please contact Glacier Snow Guards for fastening recommendations.

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