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About Us Detailed information about our company including our code of conduct, values, history, and more.
Adhesives Comprehensive list of adhesives available in our webstore and their various applications.
Advanced Search Utilizes advanced search features to find exactly what you're looking for.
Anchors Concrete anchors, concrete screws, and roofing spikes.
ASI-502 Kitchen Project DIY Tutorial for regrouting areas which need a waterproof seal such as kitchens and baths.
Backer Rod Products Comprehensive list of backer rod products, sizing, and prices.
BAK Hot Air Welders BAK brand hot air welder information.
Master Builders Solutions MasterSeal Traffic Systems Overview List of Master Builders Solutions (Formerly BASF) MasterSeal brand items.
Master Builders Solutions Products Comprehensive list of Master Builders Solutions (Formerly BASF) products and their applications.
Calculator: Balcony Deck Waterproofing Materials Balcony and deck waterproofing calculator tool.
Calculator: EPDM Large Roof EPDM calculator tool for large roofs.
Calculator: EPDM RV Roof EPDM calculator tool for RV roofs.
Calculator: Mission Roof Tile Estimator Mission roof tile calculator tool.
Canada Shipping Information about shipping to Canada.
Concrete Products Comprehensive list of concrete and cement products.
Concrete Repair & Restoration Products Information regarding concrete repairs for concrete floors, slab concrete, repairing expansion joints, and how to repair concrete wall cracks.
Concrete Repair Videos Video tutorials to repair concrete damage.
Concrete Sealants, Concrete Stains Comprehensive list of concrete sealant and concrete stain products.
Concrete Stamp and Color Videos How to Stamp and Color Concrete video.
Concrete Stamps and Overlays Comprehensive information on concrete stamp mats, overlays, and flexible mats.
Construction Fasteners Full list of construction fasteners including: anchors, bolts, screws, rivets, nails, TEKS, washers, and more.
Contact Us Our contact information page. Contact us here!
Deck Hardware Our deck hardware supplies include popular deck products for the best outdoor wood deck construction and repair.
Diamond Saw Blades, Tuck Point, Cup Wheels Premium quality diamond sawing and grinding blades.
DIY Video Index Index of all DIY Construction and Repair tutorial videos.
EPDM Installation Videos EPDM Roofing tutorial videos.
EPDM Rubber Roofing Comprehensive information regarding EPDM rubber roofing.
Eternabond Roof Repair Eternabond EPDM repair products page. Includes Eternabond How-To articles, Eternabond products, Eternabond Service Notes, Eternabond product data sheets, and more.
Eternabond Videos Eternabond DIY Tutorial videos. Shows in detail how to use various Eternabond products.
Expansion Joint Covers and Sealing Products Comprehensive information regarding expansions joint seals and covers for sealing and waterproofing high-expansion interfaces common in roofing, parking garages, large concrete decks.
Fall Protection Products & Accessories Fall protection equipment, fall arrest systems, retractable lanyards, self-retracting lanyards, roof fall protection kits, self-retracting lifelines, self-retracting fall arrestors, self-retracting cables and related fall safety accessories.
Fastener Design Detailed information on fastener designs and common fastener compositions.
Fastener Head and Point Design Fastener head and point diagrams showing the different style of heads available.
Feedback Contact information to give Best Materials feedback. Please share your experiences with us.
Foam Roof Repair Foam roof repair products, do-it-yourself information and foam roof repair methods.
Fry Reglet Roof Flashing Fry Reglet's roof flashing and roofing termination products.
Galvanic Series Data Galvanic Series Information - Selecting Materials for Corrosion Prevention.
Handling Moisture in RV DIY Tutorial and information to handle moisture in RVs and Houseboats.
Hidden Deck Fasteners Invisi-Fast hidden deck fasteners are engineered to prevent wood damage, rust and corrosion while enhancing the beauty of any wood deck, sauna or paneling system.
Home Page Best Materials home page.
Hot Air Welding Videos BAK Laron Automatic Walking Welder and RION Hot Air welding tutorial videos.
Houseboat Waterproofing & Roof Repair Outlines basic processes to repair and re-coat a houseboat roof or other fiberglass type rooftop which may be used as a walking surface.
How to Repair an RV Roof DIY tutorial on how to repair an RV roof.
Inspire Slate Tile Installation Videos Inspire Slate Tile installation and DIY tutorial video.
Jobsite Clean-Up Products Products ideal for roofers, tar removal, equipment clean-up, job-site, landscapers, maintenance crews and general yard work.
Ladder Support and Stand-Off, How To Use Acro 11710 DIY tutorial on how to use ladder support and ladder stand-off, specifically the Acro 11710 product.
Legal Information Legal information regarding Best Materials.
Log Cabin and Log Home Products List of log home construction fasteners, log home sealants, log cabin roofing products, log cabin roof penetration seals and other specialized log home materials.
Magnetic Hammers Magnetic Hammers by JC Hammer. Magnetic hammers are designed to be used with metal cap nails or short roofing nails.
Manufacturers Listing Full list of manufacturers and suppliers.
Metal Goods for Roofing Includes metal flashings for roof vents, lead flashings, lead roofing products and lead flashings, lead vents, lead scuppers, lead sheet, zinc flashing rolled sheet which prevents mold and mildew, lead plumbing vents.
Metal Roofing & Metal Roof Repair Products Metal roof products, metal roof repair products, metal roofing equipment, and how-to information for metal roof repairs.
Metal Roofing Screws & Siding Screws Metal roofing and siding screws, metal to wood screws, roofing rivets, wood deck screws, and decking screws.
NP1 and NP2 Sealants Comprehensive information on Sonolastic NP1 and NP2 sealants. NP1 and NP1 are designed for sealing or caulking all types of active exterior construction joints.
Painting Supplies and Accessories Painting and coating tools and accessories for solvent based and industrial coatings. Includes brushes, handles, masking tape, mixers, painter's suits, putty knifes, roller covers, roller frames, squeegees, strainers and more.
Pam Fastening Tools & Fasteners Pam Fastening auto-feed screw gun tools and collated screw fasteners are designed for high volume, heavy-duty & professional use.
Pipe Flashing Boots and Master Flash Boots Master Flash boot products, square-base pipe flashings, Deck-mate pipe flashings, round-base pipe flashings, flashing boot fasteners and collars, retrofit adapters, flashing sealants, and more.
Pipe Flashing Boots Installation Guide DIY Installation guide for pipe flashings and boot fasteners.
Pipe Flashing Videos DIY tutorial videos for DekStrip flashing installation, and Master Flash installation.
Pipe Flashings, Pipe Boots & Expansion Joint Seals Comprehensive list of all roof pipe flashing, pipe boots, and expansion joint seal products.
Plastic Roof Tiles / Synthetic Roof Tiles Synthetic roof tiles from the industry's leading suppliers including Inspire and Distinction by Quarrix.
Plastic Tarps, Bags and Sheet Goods Tarps are ideal for emergency roof repairs and general protection from the elements.
Portable Generators Portable electric power generators from Winco and Sievert.
Power Tools & Roofing Equipment Power tools and accessories product list.
Powers Fasteners Products Powers Fasteners products including the carbide bits, anchors, Gas Actuated Systems, Powder Actuated Systems and all the related loads, cells and fasteners.
Privacy & Security Privacy and Security information for Best Materials.
Product Categories Full list of product categories.
Propane Gas Tank Fittings and Connectors List of propane products including regulators, adaptors, fittings, and size guides.
Propane Torch, Fittings, and Hardware Items Propane torch kits, propane fittings, torch tools and hardware category includes Modified Bitumen Applicators, compressed gas fittings, and much more.
Registered / Licensed Roofing Contractors Listing Registered and Licensed roofing contractors listed by State.
Retrofit Flashing Boots Installation Guide Instructions for typical installation of Retrofit Flashing Boots.
Retrofit Pipe Flashing Boots All types of heavy duty rubber retrofit pipe flashings from the best manufacturers including Master flash and Spring Seal.
Rigging & Lifting Hardware A complete line of heavy duty lifting and rigging and hardware.
Rivets Complete line of pop rivets, blind rivets structural rivets and related rivet tools and riveters.
Roof & Wall Measurement Reports Roof measurement reports provide a detailed overview of every aspect of your roof.
Roof Anchors, Fall Protection, Retractable Lanyards & Accessories Roof anchors and fall protection equipment for all types of roofs. Also retractable lifeline anchors and roof anchor accessories from AES Raptor, Falltech, Guardian Fall Protection, Super Anchor and other great suppliers.
Roof Coatings Comprehensive list of roof coating and roof waterproofing products.
Roof Drains and Deck Drains All types of roof drains, re-roof drains, overflow drains, retrofit drains, balcony drain, deck drains, floor drains, roof drain accessories and scupper drains as well as replacement roof drain parts.
Roof Flashing Tapes & Products Comprehensive list of roof flashing tapes and roof flashing products.
Roof Flashing, Retrofit Flashing, and Adaptors for Tubing, Angle Iron, and Complex Shapes Roof flashing retrofit flashing / adaptors for flashing and waterproofing complex roof penetrations, including tubing, angle iron, multiple pipe and other complex shapes.
Roof Hatch Cross Reference & Comparison A handy cross reference list of Roof Access Hatches / Roof Scuttles for all the popular roof access hatch manufactures.
Roof Hatch Safety Railing Systems List of OSHA approved Roof Hatch Safety Railings / Guardrails for Roof Hatches at the best prices.
Roof Hatches, Smoke Vents, Security Hatches Comprehensive list of roof hatch products including: roof access hatches, roof hatches, smoke vents, skylights, roof safety nets, and more.
Roof Repair Supplies Roofing repair products include metal roof repair, flat roof repair, RV roof repair, EPDM rubber roof repair, concrete tile roof repair, clay tile roof repair, slate roof repair, commercial roof repair, foam roof repair, cap-sheet roof repair, trailer roof repair, mobile home roof repair, gravel roof repair, sun roof repair, patio roof repair and houseboat roof repair.
Roof Underlayments, Housewraps & Reinforcement Fabrics All types and sizes of roofing rolled goods, including roofing underlayment, ice/water barriers, house wraps, reinforcing fabrics and moisture barriers.
Roof Vents, Eave Vents, Foundation & Attic Vents Commercial and residential roof vent and attic ventilation products - all tested in extreme climates and some are Dade County Approved.
Roofing Membrane, Single Ply Roofing Repairs Sealing materials for all types of single-ply roofing membranes and similar materials including, EPDM roofing membranes (rubber roofs), Hypalon roofing membranes, PVC roofing membranes and TPO roofing membranes.
Roofing Screws & Plates for Low Slope Roofing Low slope / flat commercial roofing screws, stress plates and accessories for mechanically fastening TPO, PVC, EPDM or SBS to metal, wood or lightweight concrete substrates.
Rooftop Electrical Service Flashings Rooftop electrical service retro-fit flashings for all types of roofs, including electric service flashings from ASI Products and Aztec.
Rooftop Equipment & Pipe Support Systems Easy to install roof top pipe supports and equipment support systems. We have pipe pedestal and gang pipe / conduit supports from MIRO Industries, OMG Products, Portals Plus, RoofTop Accessories and other leading suppliers.
Rope Products Large and heavy-duty ropes for all types of applications including hoisting ropes, safety ropes, cobalt blue polypropylene fishing ropes, truck ropes, marine ropes and general applications.
RV Roof Replacement Tips Basic processes and options to Re-Roof a RV roof or repair most EPDM roofs.
Safety Cans for Storage & Dispensing Safety storage cans for Gas, Diesel, Solvent & Safety Cans, including the popular Eagle gas cans.
Safety Products and Supplies Construction safety products including anchors, back supports, barriers, dust masks, ear protection, eye protection, fall-protection, first aid, gas cans, gloves, knee pads, harnesses, ladders, lanyards, lifelines, ropes, safety helmets, spray sock and head covers, vests, and more.
Sales Terms Sales Terms for Best Materials.
Sealants & High Performance Caulks Comprehensive list of all caulk and sealant products and their applications.
Sealing Washers and Rubber Washers EPDM Bonded Sealing Washers Neoprene Washers, and flat Rubber Washers and more. Includes installation guides for bonded sealing washers.
Security Security information for our website.
Shipping Cost Estimator Learn how to calculate shipment costs and fees.
Shipping Information Information for shipping orders.
Sievert Propane Hot Air Welders Sievert propane hot air welders and flameless torch kits.
Snow Guard Installation Videos DIY tutorial for Barricade plate installation, Clamp-On snow guard installation, and Sno Barricade installation videos.
Snow Guards and Snow Rails Comprehensive list of snow guard and snow rail products.
Solar Panel Installation Products Solar panel roof installation products, including solar panel mounting brackets for all kinds of roof, solar roof flashings, solar mounting accessories and more.
Solar Vent Fans / Solar Powered Attic Fan Solar vents, solar fans, solar attic fans, solar powered gable fans and commercial building solar ventilators.
Spotnails Tools & Fasteners Spotnail air nails, Spotnails air staplers and other Spotnail Striker pneumatic air tools.
Spray Foam Kits Low Pressure Spray High-Density Polyurethane Foam Insulation Kits from Versi-Foam and DOW.
Spray Foam Videos DIY tutorials for spray foam products.
Stainless Steel & Hot Dipped Fasteners Hot dipped galvanized nails, stainless steel nails and brads, and stainless steel staples.
Stainless Steel L-Series Staples Information on narrow crown stainless L-series staples.
Stainless Steel Nails and Stainless Fastener Products Stainless nails and stainless fasteners from the world's best manufacturers.
Suppliers Full list of Best Materials suppliers.
Tar Kettles & Asphalt Roofing Equipment Hot tar kettles and asphalt roofing equipment.
Tarps & Plastic Sheet Goods All grades of tarps, tarpaulins, heavy-duty tarps, roofing tarps and poly tarps.
Tool Accessories Tool accessories, Electrical Cords, Portable GFCI Products, Electrical Connectors & Plugs generator accessories, blades, scrapers, ropes and more.
TPO & PVC Pre-Fabricated Roofing Accessories Pre-fabricated TPO and PVC roof flashings and accessories.
TPO & PVC Roofing Membranes TPO Roofing membranes, PVC Roofing Membranes, Adhesives and all types of TPO / PVC Installation Accessories.
TPO Installation Videos DIY tutorial videos for TPO installation.
VELUX Skylights VELUX residential and commercial natural sky lighting products including skylights, sun tunnels, and roof hatches.
Walkpads, Pavers, Walkways Roof Pavers, Balcony Pavers, Roof Walkpads, Rubber Pads and more.
Washer And Fastener Head Styles List of washer and fastener head styles and designs.
Waterproof Deck Coatings Waterproof coatings for decks, residential housing, hotels, apartments, parking garages, RVs and more.
Waterproof Exterior Paint, Elastomeric Paint High-performance exterior building and house paints.
Waterproofing Products & Coatings Waterproofing and protective coatings for all types of difficult waterproofing situations.
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ACRO, Active Ventilation, AES Epoxies, AES Raptor, AJC, Albion, Alcoa/Marson, All Line, Alpha ProTech, American Sealants, Applied Technologies, ASI Products, Attic Breeze, Aztec Washer, Babcock- Davis, BAK Welders, BASF, Berger, Berry Plastics, Biltrite, Brentwood, Brewer, CEP, Chem Link, Cleasby, CME Manufacturing, CPR, Deks, Dow, Eagle, EagleView, Erin Rope, ES Products, Eternabond, Everhard, Falltech, Flame Engineering, Flashco, Foxy, Franklin / Titebond, Fry Reglet, Greenstreak, GSSI, Guardian, Harpster, HY-C, Interwrap, ITP, ITW, Jaaco, JL Industries, Josam, Karnak, Levis, LionGuard, LSP, Lucas, Luco, Makita, Marathon, Marshalltown, Maze Nails, MEC, MFM, Miro, MM Products, National Nail, Natural Light, Newborn, OMG, Pam Fasteners, Pearl, Polar Blox, Polycoat, Portals Plus, Powers Fasteners, Prime Source, ProTech, Protecto Wrap, Pylex, Quarrix, QuickMount, RHH Foam, Robetex, Roofmaster, RoofTop Products, Senco, SFS Intec, Sievert, Simpson Strong-Tie, Smith, Sno Gem, Solomon, Sonneborn, Steelhead, SunRise Solar, Sunset, Super Anchor, Surebond, Swan Secure, TRA, Trufast, United / Quest, Vulcan, Wade, Watts, Weatherbond, Werner, Western Colloid, Winco, Zurn

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