ZincRich Rebar  / Steel Primer (1-QT) - ZincRich (zinc rich) Rebar Primer. One-component ~55% Zinc Epoxy rust and submerged metal primer. Quick Drying. 1-Quart Can. Price/Can. (Very Flammable: UPS Ground shipment only)
ZincRich Rebar / Steel Primer (1-QT)
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  PRODUCT: ZincRich (Zinc rich) Rebar Primer. 1-Quart Can. Price/Can. (Very Flammable: UPS Ground shipment only)

DESCRIPTION: One-component brush-on ~55% Zinc Epoxy primer for steel and rebar. Zinc Rich Primer (~55% zinc) is a one component epoxy super-primer designed to prime and protect reinforcing steel or steel panels in difficult environments. Zincrich Rebar Primer combats corrosion through electro-chemical means by preventing anode transfer.

• Rust Preventative Primer for existing steel

• Above or below grade

• Quick Drying: Dries to touch in 15-45 minutes.
• One-component epoxy chemistry.
• Compatible with all repair mortars.
• Good pot life allow ample time for application.

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