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MasterEmaco A 660 Concrete Bonding / Modifying Admixture (5G)
MasterEmaco A 660 (formerly called Acryl 60) Concrete Bonding and Modifying admixture. A water-based acrylic adhesion promoter, bonding and modifying admixture for concrete products. 5-Gallon Pail. Price/Pail. (1g size shown in photo)
$350.00 SALE $191.99
 Buy 18 or more and pay $182.00 each (save 48.00%) 
 Buy 36 or more and pay $175.00 each (save 50.0%) 
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MasterEmaco ADH 327, Non-Sag Overhead Epoxy Bonding Adhesive, 1-Gal Kit
MasterEmaco ADH 327 2-component 100% solids non-sag epoxy adhesive. designed for use in vertical and overhead bonding and patching applications and for anchoring. 1 Gallon Unitized Kit. Price/Kit. (aka # 50514566; UPS Ground shipping only, ship leadtime 1
$216.05 SALE $135.99
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MasterEmaco T 545 Quick-Set Concrete Roadway Patching Mortar
MasterEmaco T 545 (formerly Set 45) Quick-Set One-Component Magnesium Phosphate-based Concrete Roadway Patching Mortar. DOT type roadway repair mortar, takes rubber tire traffic in 45 minutes. 50-Lb. Bag. Price/Bag. (see detail view for ordering notes)
$86.84 SALE $54.99
 Buy 42 or more and pay $58.18 each (save 33.00%) 
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MasterFlow 885 Cement-based Metallic Aggregate Grout, 55LB
MasterFlow 885 Grout, cement-based metallic aggregate grout with extended working time. Suited for grouting machines or plates requiring optimum toughness. 55-Lb./Bag. Price/Bag. (aka BASF 51670854; ship leadtime 1-2 business days)
$96.71 SALE $60.99
 Buy 60 or more and pay $63.83 each (save 34.00%) 
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MasterKure CC 300XS, Hi-Gloss Concrete Sealant (5G)
MasterKure CC 300XS (formerly Kure-N-Seal 300EX), High-Gloss Concrete Sealant & Curing Agent. Exempt-solvent-based complies with VOC. 5-Gallon. Price/Pail. (shipping leadtime 2-4 weeks for less than 5 pail orders)
$383.74 SALE $241.99
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MasterKure HD 300 WB (Lapidolith) Concrete Hardener/Dustproofer (5G)
MasterKure HD 300 WB (formerly Lapidolith), Concrete Hardner and Dustproofer. 5G Pail. Price/Pail. (aka # 51679281; keep from freezing)
$150.32 SALE $94.99
 Buy 36 or more and pay $100.71 each (save 33.00%) 
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MasterProtect H 1000 (Hydrozo 100), 100% Silane Penetrating Sealer (5G)
MasterProtect H 1000 (formerly Hydrozo 100) penetrating sealer and water repellant. Clear, 100% silane for concrete and masonry, Vertical/Horizontal, Traffic Grade. 5-Gallon Pail. Price/Pail.
$565.78 SALE $355.99
 Buy 12 or more and pay $373.41 each (save 34.00%) 
 Buy 24 or more and pay $333.81 each (save 41.00%) 
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MasterProtect H 200 Concrete/Masonry Silane Sealer (Enviroseal20) (5G)
MasterProtect H 200 (formerly Enviroseal® 20), clear, water-based, 20% silane penetrating sealer / water repellant. For stucco, concrete, brick and masonry. 5-Gallon Pail. Price/Pail.
$300.65 SALE $188.99
 Buy 7 or more and pay $207.45 each (save 31.00%) 
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MasterSeal 905 Activator (NP2 / SL2 Accelerator), 15 gram tube
MasterSeal 905 Cure Accelerator (Formerly NP2 / SL2 Accelerator). Activator. Used with NP-2 or SL-2 polyuretane. Does not work on M 200 Base Coat. 15 Gram/Tube. Price/Tube. (hazmat, UPS shipping only)
$26.32 SALE $16.99
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MasterSeal HLM 5000 TROWEL Grade Waterproofing (5G)
MasterSeal HLM 5000 (formerly Sonoshield HLM5000) TROWEL GRADE Waterproofing. 5-Gallon Pail. Price/Pail. (36 pails/pallet; BASF 51677373)
$326.97 SALE $205.99
 Buy 36 or more and pay $215.80 each (save 34.00%) 
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