1-1/4 in. Stainless Coil Siding Nail, Ring Shank, 3600 - 1-1/4 x .093 inch Coil Siding Nail, Ring Shank, FRH, 304 Stainless Steel, 15 degree Wire Collated, 300/coil, 12 coils/box. 3,600 Nails/box. Price/Box.
1-1/4 in. Stainless Coil Siding Nail, Ring Shank, 3600
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1-1/4 inch x 0.093 inch Coil Siding Nail, Ring Shank, Full Round Head, 304 Stainless Steel, 15 Degree Wire Collated, 300/Coil, 12 Coils/Box. 3600 Nails/Box. Price/Box.


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These 1-1/4 inch long coil siding nails are constructed of ANSI 304 grade stainless steel. 15 Degree wire-collated coil siding nails. It has a 0.234 inch diameter head with waffle texture and a ring shank. Meets U.S. Standards ASTM F1667 and FFN-105B.


  • Shingles, Wall Shingles, Underlayments, Fence, etc.


  • 15-Degree Wire-Collated Coil Siding Nails.
  • ANSI 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Ring Shank.
  • 0.093 inch Wire Size.
  • 0.234 inch Head Diameter, Waffle Texture.
  • 300 Nails/Coil, 12 Coils/Box. 3,600 Nails/Box.


  • Bostitch N63, N64C, N65CP, N66C-1
  • Hitachi NV65AH*** See note.
  • Max 565, CN565S, CN55 (1 to 2-1/4 inches)
  • Makita AN611
  • Paslode 3225/CN55
  • Senco SCN55S, SCN56

***On older models of Hitachi NV65AH, the feed paw design is problematic for both the 1-1/4 inch and 1-/2 inch coil siding nails. Users can rectify the problem by slightly grinding down the top nub (of the three) on the feed paw to provide more clearance. This does not affect the performance of the tool and makes it friendlier to different brands of nails.

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