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We have the most comprehensive inventory of metal roofing screws and siding screws available. Our roof and siding screws include painted screws, stainless roof screw, ceramic coating screws, metal roof screws, siding screw, custom painted metal siding screws, aluminum panel screw, and most exterior grade construction building fasteners. We ship with very low cost throughout North America. Our high volume purchases assures you the best prices. Call or email us with your special requirement or for pallet-quantity pricing. We will save you time and money!
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Useful Fastener Information & Resources:
  Color Charts for Painted Screws
  Metal Roofing and Siding Screw Selection Guide
  Painted Screw Color Selection Guide
  Painted Standard Stock Painted Colors
  Roofing Screw/Plate Selection Guide
  Screw Point Types & Head Designs
  Screw Size, Drill and Tap Chart
  Sealing Screws, Self Taping Roofing Fastener Design
  Sealing Washer Design & Info
Metal Roofing & Siding Screws:
Popular screws for all kinds of sealing and exterior applications




  Hex Washer Head (HWH) Sheet Metal Screws -
      HWH SMS (Hex Washer Head)
      HWH SMS Stainless Steel
      HWH SMS with Sealing Washer
      HWH SMS Painted Top Screws with Seal Washer
      HWH SMS with Sealing Washer, Stainless Steel 
  Lap Seam Screws, Lap Seam Strip-Out Repair Screws
  Painted Top Sharp Screws with Seal Washer
  Painted Top TEK Screws with Seal Washer
  Teks (self tapping & metal drilling roof screws) -
      TEK - Bugle Head Wood-to-Metal Screw
      TEK - HWH Cup-Head TEK with Sealing Washer
        (for thick metal lap seams & metal to metal)
      TEK - HWH TEKs (Standard Hex Washer Head)
      TEK - HWH TEKs with Sealing Washer
       (includes stainless steel TEKs)
      TEK - Painted Top Screws with Seal Washer
      TEK - Phillip Pan Head TEKS
      TEK - Pancake Head TEKs
         (metal roof-clip to steel fastener)
      TEK - Stainless Steel TEK, HWH with Seal Washer
       TEK - Stainless Steel TEks, Phillips Head
      TEK - RWH TEKs, Lath Screws
         (Truss Head TEK Screws)
  Pan Head Type Sheet Metal Screws-
      Phillip Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw
      Phillip Pan Head Metal Screw w/Sealing Washer
      Stainless Steel Phillip Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw
  Pancake Head Sheet Metal Screw
  Aluminum Panel to Wood Screw W/Sealing Washer (for alum. siding and roofing)
  HWH Metal-Wood Screws w/Sealing Washer (Woodgrip, etc)
  Quick Drive Screws (collated, wood screws)
  All Types of Roofing / Siding Rivets and Selection Information
  Collated Screws & Tools, All types: Pam Fastening, Simpson, Senco, etc.
  Drywall Type  Screws
  K-Lath, Lathing, Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws
  Low Slope Roofing Fasteners, Screws and Plates
  Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws (SMS) -
      Phillip Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw
      Pancake Head Sheet Metal Screw
        (metal roof-clip to wood fastener)
      Phillip Pan Head metal screw w/Sealing Washer
      Stainless Steel Phillip Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw
  Round Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws
         (Truss Head, K-Lath, Lathing screws)
  Tapper Screws (for concrete) - call.
  Sealing Washers (many other sizes & options available, call)
  Washers - EPDM Bonded Sealing
 Deck & Wood Screws, Wood Decks, Collated & Bulk -
      Bugle Head, Yellow-Zinc Screws
      Collated Deck Screws
      Deck & Wood Screws, Outdoor Finishes
      Roof Tile Screws, Tile Roofing Screws
       Stainless Steel Deck & Wood Screws
  HWH Woodgrip Deck & Wood Screws
  Quick Drive Screws (collated, wood screws)
  Wood Deck Outdoor Screws: Lifecoat, Dacro,
          Kylan, & Weatherex Finishes
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