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We specialize in providing BASF Chemicals Construction Products materials. We're a full-line distributor stocking all types of BASF Coatings and BASF Chemical lines including Chemrex, Emaco, Hydrozo, MB, MBT, Sonolastic, Sonneborn, Thoro, Ucrete and more. We ship worldwide and can handle all shipping logistics for you.

Popular BASF products include Sonoguard Deckcoatings, Sonolastic NP1, NP2, SL1 & SL2 Sonolastic 150 VLM, Sonolastic Clear 25TX1 (textured).

Categories of BASF items include expansion joint sealant, concrete expansion joints are sealed with self leveling expansion joint sealants. Sonneborn SL1 / SL2 and Novalink SL are most popular.

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   10-60 Rapid Mortar (1 part shrinkage compensated rapid setting)
   10-61 Rapid Mortar (1 part shrinkage compensated slower setting)
   Acryl 60 Additive (adhesion promoter)
   Color Pak (tint color pack for NP2, SL2, and Sonoguard Tintbase)
   Construction Grout (general purpose grout)
   Conipur 265 (fast cure waterproofing basecoat)
   Conipur 275 (fast cure waterproofing topcoat, interior grade)
   Conipur 295 (fast cure waterproofing topcoat, exterior grade)
   Conipur 78 Primer (fast cure waterproofing primer, 2-part)
   Emaco GP (fast setting mortar)
   Emaco S88 CI (fiber reinforced, sprayable mortar)
   Enviroseal (silane penetrating concrete / masonry sealants)
   Epolith (100% solids epoxy joint fillers for high-traffic horiz. joints)
   Kure-N-Seal (concrete sealant s& curing agents
   Kwik Mix (mortar)
   MasterFlow 1205 (Pumpable, high-strength semi-fluid non-shrink grout)
   MasterFlow 555 (high-strength semi-fluid non-shrink grout)
   Masterpatch 95 (high strength mortar with metallic aggregate)
   NP1 (1-part polyurethane caulk / sealant)
   NP2 (2-part, polyurethane sealant, tintable, wide joint)
   Primer 2000 (for use with Sonolastic 150 and tri-polymer sealants)
   Primer 733 (polyurethane primer)
   Primer 770 (2-part water based epoxy waterproofing primer)
   Primer 772 (1-part, low voc, waterproofing primer)
   Primer Conipur 78 (2-part fast-cure waterproofing primer)
   Primer HB (high build primer)
   Primer Zincrich (Rebar primer for concrete repairs and metal)
   SL1/ SL2 (horizontal grade self leveling expansion joint sealant)
   Sonoguard (basecoat and topcoat waterproofing systems for decks)
   Sonolastic 150 (high modulus / expansion vertical grade sealant)
   Sonolastic Clear 25 (clear 1-part vertical grade structural sealant)
   Sonolastic Primer 2000 (use with Sonolastic 150 sealants)
   Sonolastic TX1 Sealant (textured polyurethane sealant)
   Sonolastic Ultra Sealant (pick-proof security grade sealant)
   Sonoshield (below grade drainage board and protection board)
   Sonoshield HLM 5000 (below grade liquid applied waterproofing)
   Sonoskim (surface repair, very fast setting cementitious product)
   TF100 (high traffic control joint filler, 2-part)
   Thoroseal (cementitious waterproofing, above & below grade)
   TrafficGuard EP35 (rapid curing repair mortars)
   Waterplug (emergency repair, stops running water in holes)
   Zinc Rich Primer (rebar / rust primer)
   BASF Master Builders part number Cross Reference Guide
   Basement Waterproofing
   Caulking and Sealants (all types)
   Concrete Additives (adhesion, hardeners, anti-corrosion, etc)
   Concrete Crack Repair, Crack Fillers
   Concrete Sealers, Penetrating Sealers, Masonry Sealers
   Concrete Surface Repair / Feathering
   Deck Coatings and Waterproofing
   Expansion Joint Sealants (Self Leveling SL1, SL2)
   Exterior Grade Sealants (NP-1, TX-1)
   General Concrete Repair Items
   High Performance Exterior Grade Sealants (150)
   Hydraulic Cement
   Negative Side Waterproofing (basement & retaining walls)
   Primers, Waterproofing
   Structural Adhesive Sealants (Clear 25, Ultra)
   Water Repellants
   Window & Glass Sealants (Clear 25, Sonolastic 150, Ultra)
Products      Applications:
Epolith-P     100% solids epoxy joint fillers for high-traffic horiz. joints
NP1            All around exterior sealant. Great for repair of broken roof
                  tiles, roof penetrations, deck joints, parapet walls, etc.
                  UL Fire Rated product. Pre-tinted in 12 standard colors.
                  Paintable. Can be used underwater (apply when dry). 
                  Not recommended indoors (some odor during cure)
NP2            Tintable exterior sealant. Great for color matching exterior
                  colors on window frames, stucco, decks, expansion joints,
                  etc.  40 standard tints and 470 custom colors.
SL1            Expansion joint / general sealant. Self leveling, one-part,
                  pre-colored.  Use in expansion joints 3/4" and narrower.
SL2            Tintable self leveling expansion joint sealant.
                  Two-part (must be mixed with tint package).
                      Available in 40 standard tints and 470 custom colors.
                  Recommended for expansion joints up to 2" wide.
Sonolastic 150 VLM  (the best sealant!)
                  For very high-expansion joints and extreme performance.
                  Use on rubber roofs, metal roofs, pool deck-to-wall
                  joints, Log Cabins, Kynar finish metals, deck expansion
                  joints, vinyl siding, windows, window frames stucco and
                  glass. Easy to apply and tool. Quick curing.
                  Pre-tinted in 12 standard colors. Paintable.
Sonolastic Clear 25  Clear (translucent) structural adhesive &
                  waterproofing sealant. Very strong, fast curing, excellent
                  adhesion. Paintable in about an hour. Expansion joint
                  capability +/- 12%. Used for adhering / repairing roof tiles,
                  snow guards, windows, automotive trim, truck bodies,
                  windows. Not recommended indoors (solvent odor).
TX1            Textured. Its NP-1 chemistry and cures like grout or stucco.
                  Use on stucco or grout or anywhere a light texture is
                  needed. Pre-tinted in 12 colors. Paintable.
Ultra           Security-Grade pick-proof sealant. For prisons, and
                  high-toughness situations. Also USDA approved for meat /
                  chicken processing areas. Great pool wall to deck sealant.
                  Stocked in white and limestone colors. Paintable.
Related  Products:
   Backer Rod   (Use in wide and deep  joints before sealing / caulking).
   Backer Rod Insertion Tools
   Caulking Guns  (Quality caulking guns at great prices).
   Caulking Joint Finishing Tools
   Caulk Extension Tube   (Reach-It Flexible Caulk Extension Tube).
   Expansion Joint Products  (Covers & seals for roof-to-wall expansion
   joints, curb mount / curb flange expansion joints, corner and crossover
   expansion joint covers, and straight flange expansion joint covers).
   Primers  (Specialty primers for use with sealants).
   Putty Knifes  (Joint finish tools, taping knives).
   Saw Blades / Tuck-Point Blades (for cleaning joints or crack chasing)
Applications & Product Overviews:
For very high-movement applications, difficult environments or the best performance we recommend Sonolastic 150 VLM sealant. Its advanced hybrid sealant chemistry provides superior adhesion to glass, wood, all roofing materials, swimming pool deck/wall joints and has a 25 year life expectancy.
A great translucent-clear, non-staining sealant for glass & window, tile, siding, car windows and structural adhesive applications, use Sonolastic Clear 25. It is used throughout in the automotive industry for window glass installation, trim adhesive and for general sealing. With good UV resistance and strength, it is also widely used as a roof tile adhesive and as a snow-guard adhesive.
NP1 is a very popular solution for most construction caulking and structural sealant applications. It has superior adhesion and is suitable for +/-35% total joint expansion applications such as window frames, roofing tile, panel walls, parapets, vinyl siding, stucco, and in deck joints.
Concrete Expansion Joint Products:
Novalink SL Self Leveling concrete expansion joint sealant is 100% solids (non-shrinking), solvent free (very low order on cure, suitable for indoors), quick curing (can apply down to -32F),  and very cost effective. 300% elongation, 150 PSI tensile, abrasion resistant (pedestrian traffic suitable). Its a easy to use single-component product useful for joints up to 2" wide. Novalink is aged asphalt compatible.
SL1 and SL2 are great concrete expansion joint sealants and are used for public walkways, driveways, swimming pool decks, road expansion joints  parking lot joints, pavement joints, driveway expansion joints, road joints, exterior deck expansion joints and such. SL2 is used for wide joints and is tintable. SL1/SL2 are not asphalt compatible.
Sonomeric 1 is a single component self-leveling polyurethane sealant which is Jet fuel and resistant to many chemicals. It features exceptional weather resistance. Used for airport runways, highways, bridges, stadiums, industrial floors.
TX1 Textured Sealant
House Stucco & Grout: Try Sonneborn TX1 caulking instead of NP1. It dries with a nice textured finish similar to stucco or grout. It's the same chemistry as NP1. TX1 is easy to tool with a consistent appearance. Its available pre-tinted in many popular colors.
For above water line pool deck-to-wall grout repairs, ULTRA is excellent. This sealant survives the stresses that cause mortar grout cracking. Ultra has excellent dirt pick-up resistance. Dirt and hard-water pool deposits are easily removed! NOTE: It is very important to keep the pool wall-to-deck interface waterproofed, as constant chemical and water exposure quickly corrodes the steel re-bar, resulting in structural damage. M-1 can be applied for in wet emergency repairs (resetting / re-grouting tiles) and will cure quickly.
Where substrate adhesion is questionable, or in constant submersion situations, primers should be used. Primer-733 is an easy to use one-component solvent based sealant primer for use with urethane sealants applied to metal, wood and coated surfaces. Primer-2000 is easy to use one-component solvent based sealant-primer for use with Sonolastic 150 / polyether sealants applied to porous surfaces, concrete, grout, stucco and wood. For TPO roofing, TPO PRIMER is recommended. A favorite of many deck waterproofing contractors is Polyprime 2180. Its a 2-part epoxy-polyamine primer. For a easy to use on-component wood & concrete primer, try Primer-772UNI-TILE SEALER is a two-component, quick drying epoxy-polyamide penetrating primer/sealer which penetrates and seals porous surfaces to improve adhesion -- excellent on concrete and pool decks. UNISEAL Primer is a one-component water based penetrating concrete sealer.
Backer Rod:
Backer Rod is an easy to compress soft celled foam. It is inserted into a clean joint at required depth before caulking/sealing. Backer Rod creates an even depth and supports the caulk. The even depth is important to create the correct width-to depth ratio (~3:1) for the expansion joint.  Select a backer-rod diameter that is about 25% larger than the nominal width of the joint. Backer rod sizing and installation information is at the bottom of this page.
BASF Technical Product Data Sheets & Application Information:
  10-60 Rapid Mortar (1-component shrinkage compensated rapid setting)
  10-61 Rapid Mortar (1-component shrinkage compensated slow setting)
  Acryl 60 (acrylic liquid cement additive. Improves adhesion, strength and
    freeze/thaw durability)
  Construction Grout (general purpose)
  Emaco GP (fast setting trowelable surface repair mortar)
  Emaco S88 CI
  Enviroseal 40 (penetrating cement sealer & chloride blocker for traffic
    bearing surfaces / horizontal grades)
  Epolith  (100% solids epoxy joint fillers for concrete saw cuts in
    high-traffic horizontal joints)
  Kure-N-Harden (silicate-based curing, hardening, sealing, and
    dustproofing compound).
  Kure-N-Seal 25 LV (transparent, low-viscosity, 25% solids,
    solvent-based crylic curing, sealing, and dust-proofing compound)
  Lapidolith (low cost concrete hardener and dust-proofer)
  Masterflow 1205 (pumpable grout, high strength, extended working time)
  MasterFlow 555 (high-strength non-shrink semi-fluid grout)
  MasterFlow 928 (hydraulic cement, extended working time, for
    load plate and precision load bearing support)
  MasterPatch 95 (epoxy repair mortar with with metallic aggregate,
   extreme density / toughness)
  NP-1 (1-part, vertical expansion joints & exterior sealant)
  NP-2 (2-part, wide vertical joints & exterior sealant, custom tintable)
  Rebar Primer & Bonding Agent (epoxy-cement rebar bonding agent and
   rebar coating/primer)
  Quick-Set 45 Road Patch (quick-set roadway patching material)
  SCB Concresive (pressure injection grouting, epoxy based, fast gel)
  SL-1 (horizontal concrete expansion joint)
  SL-2 (wide horizontal concrete expansion joint, custom tintable)
  Sonogrout 10K (cement based low-shrink high-strength grout)
  Sonoguard (vehicular waterproofing system)
  Sonolastic 150 VLM (high performance expansion joint / sealant)
  Sonolastic Clear 25 (clear joint & structural sealant)
  Sonomeric 1 is a single component Self leveling polyurethane sealant which is
    jet fuel and resistant to many chemicals.
  Sonoshield Drain Board / Protection Board Systems
  Sonoskim (surface finishing / repair)
  TF-100 (heavy-traffic quick-set 2-part polyurea saw-cut joint filler)
  TX-1 (textured sealant, looks like grout, for stucco crack repair, etc.)
  Trafficguard EP35 (rapid setting epoxy based skid resistant concrete
    overlay system)
  Ultra (1-part sealant,  pick-resistant, very tough)
  Waterplug (emergency repair mortar, stops running water)
  Zincrich Rebar Primer (epoxy/zinc primer & corrosion blocker)
Technical Summary:
Epolith has 75% elongation, 655 psi tensile, 85 shore A hardness and is a 2-part epoxy, formulated for filling saw-cut joints in concrete floors. Provides a puncture and abrasion resistant seal.
NP1, NP2 & TX1 are the work horses of the industry. They have 800% elongation, 350 PSI tensile and +/-35% joint movement capability and 25 Shore-A hardness. The are rated for water immersion (with use of primer). Canadian and USDA compliant for meat and poultry areas. US Fire Rated: Passes 4 hour, 4 inch, fire and hose stream test. Low VOC Content: passes VOC for all states. Polyurethane based, UV protected and available in a wide variety of colors. NP2 can be custom color tinted and cure accelerated.
Sonolastic Clear 25 has excellent adhesion with a tensile of 320 psi (very strong), 560% elongation, 50 Shore-A hardness and is suitable for 25% total joint movement (+/-12.5%). Clear 25 is excellent for any area needing long term UV resistance, such as roof tile adhesion, snow guards and any exterior or interior area you need a high performance, clear, non-staining product. It bonds readily to glass, stucco, concrete, roofing tiles, wood, most paints, and most metal surfaces. Sonolastic Clear 25 is paintable in just an hour!
Sonolastic 150 with VLM technology has 1200% elongation, 220 psi tensile, 17 Shore-A hardness, extreme UV performance, USDA Food service rated, +100/-50% joint movement capability and is a Silyl-terminated polyether and available in a wide variety of colors. Quick drying and paintable. Very long lasting adhesion.
Sonolastic Polysulfide Sealant is a multi-component, high-performance, low-modulus polysulfide sealant. Its elastomeric properties allow +25% joint movement. It withstands constant water immersion and will not degrade under limited chemical exposure.
TF-100 has 470% elongation, 1975 psi tensile, 85-90 shore-A hardness and is a 2-component polyurea, formulated for filling saw-cut joints in concrete floors. Provides a high-load seal to resist forklift and hard wheel traffic. Also works well to fill random cracks.
Ultra is a one-component, moisture-curing, aliphatic, non-sag, high strength polyurethane sealant for security and institutional uses requiring elasticity, superior color integrity, dirt pick-up resistance, resistant to mechanical cleaning and enhanced long term UV resistance.  It is also excellent for pool decks, swimming pool deck-to-pool wall interfaces. Ultra is capable of withstanding ±25% movement in joints, yet has a Shore A 50 hardness for security applications (prison windows, schools, public buildings) and other areas needing a very tough tough product.
Sealant / Caulking Yield Rate per Tube:

Joint Size



Depth x Width

Lineal Feet

Lineal Feet *


(per US Gallon)

(per 10oz Tube)

1/8 x 1/8



1/8 x 1/4



1/8 x 3/8



1/8 x 1/2



1/8 x 5/8



1/8 x 3/4



1/8 x 7/8



1/8 x 1






1/4 x 1/4



1/4 x 3/8



1/4 x 1/2



1/4 x 5/8



1/4 x 3/4



1/4 x 7/8



1/4 x 1






3/8 x 3/8



3/8 x 1/2



3/8 x 5/8



3/8 x 3/4



3/8 x 1



1/2 x 1-1/4



3/4 x 1-1/2



3/4 x 2



* Assumptions:  12.6 tubes (of 10.14 oz size) per gallon
 Tubes assume 6% waste
12 tubes = 1 gallon
6 sausages = 1 gallon
54 tubes = 4.5 gallon pail
60 tubes = 5 gallon
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